Gräfe & Spohr "Town and Country", Custom HH workboot, first sample pair, PICS:

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  1. JanSolo

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    Hello everybody,

    here are some quick pics showing the very first finished pair of the long awaited "Town and Country" custom boot by Gräfe & Spohr. As some of you may already know the custom options for these are numerous, only the last, the 360 degrees welt, the general shape and height of the uppers are determined.

    This is the place the where the boots are made.


    Here's the specific last the shoes are made on. Forefoot area ist comfortably wide whereas the heel section provides a secure fit that eliminates any heel slip...


    So here' s the spec sheet for my specific pair of boots:

    - Brown Horween Chromexcel horsehide uppers, fully lined with dark tan colored Italian Barenia box calf leather

    - Entirely hand-made by master shoemaker Marco Gräfe from Bad Salzuflen, Germany

    - Goodyear welted on vintage Gritzner sewing machine

    - 9 pairs of solid brass eyelets

    - Double(!!) Rendenbach oak tannage leather sole, Rendenbach stacked leather heel, for those of you who don't know Johann Rendenbach tanners: Google is your friend...only the best manufacturers use this prized sole leather from Germany

    - Dainite half sole and heel pad

    - Welt seam is fully sunken into a cutout in the second leather sole and additionally covered by the rubber sole. That makes resoling dead easy and makes sure the welt seam is protected forever

    - Comes with two pairs of heavy duty waxed laces, flat, burgundy and dark brown, made in Germany

    This is a heavy but surprisingly comfortable boot...I've worn them for at least twenty hours now and they almost feel like a pair of well worn-in boots. The lining is silky smooth and feels very luxurious. You really can tell how much work went into making these! Great attention to detail and precise German workmanship.

    Here are some pics:








  2. eClairvaux

    eClairvaux One of the Regulars

    Monaco di Baviera
    These are quite beautiful and wonderfully made too! Congratulations!
  3. cookie

    cookie I'll Lock Up

    Sydney Australia
    What is that ding in the left toecap all about? I would be sending them back. In fact looking at those the finishing is poor around the heel and edges as well and on the cutting of the vamp lacing pieces for instance.
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  4. willyto

    willyto One Too Many

    They look fantastic. The leather seems to be of the greatest quality.
  5. Bunyip

    Bunyip Call Me a Cab

    Outstanding Jan. I don't know much about these guys, I will be googling directly. They look fantastic.

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