Hats and Drinks - A Match Made in Heaven

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  1. I ended up not going. Tickets were expensive, it was held at a local casino & I probably would have reserved a room there rather than drive home. About half of the distillers going to be there are local so I can sample them by the drink anytime. Wasn’t going to be worth the expense.
  2. Blare

    Blare I'll Lock Up

    The Thanksgiving Eve Tradition begins again.

    our favorite local Irish pub… Holloway’s for the Thanksgiving Eve dinner bash

    Guinness and Astor Hats of Distinction.

    AA248330-41A2-439E-91BD-CF7C2D0FDDF5.jpeg E7DA63A6-C2AA-460C-9B83-BD3B72B2618C.jpeg E50CC467-650B-449B-BAF3-F44C5B74A92C.jpeg

    And got to join the singer Walt for some Wagon Wheel. That was fun… haven’t had the chance to loosen up the pipes like that in some time.
  3. Snowman

    Snowman A-List Customer

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    A dram of Dalwhinnie 15 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky with my Stetson Shady Oak Farm Amon Carter.



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  5. Blare

    Blare I'll Lock Up

    Knox Homburg and Woodford Reserve. Happy Thanksgiving

    AA637272-BD99-4D2E-9130-2C624BDEB031.jpeg 55BD5631-EA33-48B0-B905-FA0BA29622FA.jpeg
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  6. A new place opened up recently. I wish they sold their glassware.







    At first I thought the image might be Waylon Jennings but I believe it's supposed to be the company founder back in ~1953.
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  7. Snowman

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  8. Snowman

    Snowman A-List Customer

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  9. Blare

    Blare I'll Lock Up

    Thank you Snow
  10. I would. I'd like to find one for my collection.
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  11. Short Balding Guy

    Short Balding Guy I'll Lock Up

    Minnesota, USA
    Cheers! I hope all enjoyed the American Thanksgiving Holiday or enjoyed their Thursday.

    The agreed upon electronic media ban yesterday at our house was followed by my wife and I and all our guests. Enjoyable to see people conversing. I opened cookbooks that I have not touched for a long time to confirm cook temps and times. I had put out on a consul table a couple of dictionaries that folks actually used. It can be done. A discussion of whether to turn on the TV's in the house ended with the decision to have only one with football and the others playing DVD movies. Our choices of "oldster" (40's ganster and noir movies) and a couple old cowboy movies were a hit with our 10 guests. Fun, we will definitely do this again. To a person our guests said they would like to do the same. We are back to using media this morning.

    Yesterday a Dangerous Man pilsner, a Founders KBS in the evening and of course coffee in the morning.


    I took no pics of the whiskey tasting by the fire pit. I took out only 3 bottles (Wee Beastie, Macallan 12 and Four Roses (single barrel). I provided cordial and cairn glasses so folks could sample away. Two other bottles were provided by guests (Johnny Walker Black and a Green Spot). I thought it was a fun way to share the moment and some whiskey.

    Cheers, Eric -
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  12. Gannon Highwayman & a Ten And Two Coffee Tripple Shooter.

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  13. Bugguy

    Bugguy A-List Customer

    Nashville, TN
    Now that its in the 20's in Nashville, time to pull the old flask out of the cabinet and fill up with some single-malt. I missed out on a couple of small vintage sterling flasks, so I went in this direction... glass, faux alligator (I think), and a tin cup. My kid-in-law is still dragging me out to fish, so it'll be getting some use.

  14. Snowman

    Snowman A-List Customer

    The brewery is in Raleigh. If I ever get over there, maybe I’ll pick one up for you.
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  15. Thanks! I found some on eBay. Will probably pick up a pair from there.
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  16. Rumad

    Rumad One Too Many

    VS whiskey and Kilbeggan small batch rye Irish whiskey. At this price point, this ain’t bad at all.
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  17. A Stetson 4X Montana Peak with a Shot in the Dark shooter.



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  18. My sister from Ohio brought beer …


    Hat is a fuzzy Stetson 3XLD.
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  19. Serenading my neighbors covering some Chris Ledoux. After about the thirteenth encore they expressed their appreciation with some celebratory gunfire.



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  20. Mm25

    Mm25 Practically Family

    Surprised it wasn’t “This cowboy’s hat”.
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