Haverford Hats?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by LarryF, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Anyone know about hats branded "Haverford?" I just picked up two, a black one (pictured) and a brown one. They seem nice hats, perhaps medium range quality? But, I've not been able to find anything about who made them. Haverford1.jpeg Haverford2.jpeg Haverford3.jpeg
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    My best guess is that it’s a jobber hat. Haverford could have been a store or distributor who contracted with a hat company to have them built. These are fairly common and unless you can find a shared unique trait with the actual hat makers other hats you might never divine its provenance. This practice is still going on with ever fewer companies actually making things and just rebranding by them as requested.
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  3. The Haverford name goes back to Haverford, PA during the latter yrs of the Stetson factory in Philadelphia. The "Select Quality" nomenclature has always made me wonder if Haverford Hats wasn't owned by Stetson. If so, the Haverford name would be buried in the Hatco stable now.

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