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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Slicksuit, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Slicksuit

    Slicksuit One of the Regulars

    Suburban Detroit, Michigan
    Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself -

    I happened across this website looking for fedoras, and my was I impressed. A whole community of folks who are into the same thing! I also like suits, 1920's-1940's culture... go swing dancing and cocktail lounging from time to time. I also enjoy the occastional drink and cigar.

    At this point, I don't own a *real* fedora (one of either vintage or bespoke quality). Right now, I just have a Burlington Coat factory special (a whole $20, LOL) I'm saving up to buy a quality one. I am fortunate that I live in Detroit, Michigan - there are several haberdashery shops to choose from (my regards to African American culture...they have kept hats alive in this area). I will likely buy a fedora locally, or on the Internet.

    I am most attracted to the "Bogart" style of fedora. It seems that a dark-grey colored lid would be the most versatile...would you all agree?

    At this point, I'm still trying to also "grow the balls" to wear a fedora out in public. I see them more often now on younger gents, such as myself (I'm 27). I work part-time at the mall (Banana Republic), and I've seen guys come in with fedoras on occasionally. I agree with previous posts that state that good style never dies, and that individuality sets us apart from the crowd. It's great to see some younger guys on this forum, as it shows that we're not alone. Fedoras are for us all, young and old!!
  2. MK

    MK Founder Staff Member Bartender


    Welcome! I am glad you found the place. This joint will open the door to a whole new world.

  3. Canadave

    Canadave One Too Many

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Welcome Slick. Keep us up-to-date with your progress shopping for a Fedora. The guys here are always willing to offer knowledge and advice.

  4. Renderking Fisk

    Renderking Fisk Practically Family

    Welcome... this is a GREAT forum with some (if not most) of the best people on The Internet.
  5. Jake

    Jake One of the Regulars

    Wellcome Slick, I,m sure you will like it here. By the way I think dark grey with a black ribbon would be a great color for a first fedora, and as you said would be very versitle. Jake
  6. Panamabob

    Panamabob Call Me a Cab

    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Welcome. Be yourself. Enjoy!
  7. Andykev

    Andykev I'll Lock Up Bartender

    The Beautiful Diablo Valley
    Welcome to the Lounge

    I sorta laughed at your "grow the Ba**s" comment. I have posted on a prior occasion, that I was also "self consious" about wearing a fedora in public. I loved wearing it in the house, and in my yard. The neighbors all got used to seeing me in the yard working, wearing a straw in summere, felt in winter.

    I started wearing a hat to work. Eh gads. Talk about talk. "Here comes the Daily Planet"...hey it's "Indiana Jones",... and so on.

    Ignore and enjoy. I soon had people asking where to get one, how much they cost (they can't believe the price), and how nice it looks.

    Now I pass out "Lounge business cards" to strangers who ask about the hat.

    Don't worry, and do what YOU want to do. It is all about how you FEEL.

    Wear that hat!
  8. Slicksuit

    Slicksuit One of the Regulars

    Suburban Detroit, Michigan
    Agreed. I think a hat gives a man an aura of distinction. Also, besides the nostalgic aspect, a hat is like a man's 'copilot' in life...there with you through many adventures and trials (LOL, sorta Indy Jones). Plus, a hat is just plain logical - keeps you warm, protected from the elements. It is a truly functional wardrobe accroutement.

    On the side, I saw a couple of instances of guys wearing cowboy hats out to the store today (and I live in the Midwest!). Now, if they have the gumption to wear those out, then I shall wear a fedora with pride! :)
  9. Slicksuit

    Slicksuit One of the Regulars

    Suburban Detroit, Michigan
    Besides, a fedora or similar hat just looks better than any other hat available when wearing a suit or dressy clothes. Baseball caps and skullcaps just look plain silly, and a fedora still looks better than a knit fisherman's cap with a suit.

    Anyone who dares to wear dressy clothes with a team hat (NFL/NBA/NHL,etc), whether baseball or knit, should be shot on the spot! [huh]
  10. With a shotgun full of rock salt shells :p .

    Regards to all,

  11. Brad A. Cox

    Brad A. Cox Familiar Face

    Welcome to the world where time truly does stand still. The golden years not forgotten and the spirits still swing to the sound of a martini shaker. :cool2:

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