Help dating Levis denim Jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by zhz, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. zhz

    zhz Practically Family

    China, London and Coventry UK
    I bought this jacket while ago. The washing tag is missing on this jacket but I thought it should around late 60s based on the stitching, fabric and Big E flag.

    But today I took it out and noticed the number stamped at back of the button is 94, which is something I never seen before. I thought 60s levis has a single digital?

    Can anyone help me to date this one? Thank you.

    照片 16-3-13 01 55 58.jpg 照片 16-3-13 01 56 09.jpg 照片 16-3-13 01 56 19.jpg 照片 16-3-13 01 56 41.jpg 照片 16-3-13 01 57 14.jpg 照片 16-3-13 01 57 22.jpg
  2. robrinay

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    Sheffield UK

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