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Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Carolina_Girl, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Carolina_Girl

    Carolina_Girl New in Town

    Vanceboro, North Carolina
    I‘ve had long hair my entire life... its down to my butt pretty much. Even when I put it up in a high pony tail its still mid-back. Everyone loves it and keeps telling me how beautiful it is. Complete strangers at work... at least 3 or 4 a day go on and on about it. My boyfriend doesn't want me to cut it. He loves my curls and how it has a "I dont care" look to it. The problem is...I love vintage. Always have. I really wanna some how incorporate a vintagey feel to my hair without chopping it all off. It doesnt even have to be an authentic hairstyle from the 50s or whenever. I just want it to have a retro feel at least. Any ideas??
  2. fgradowski

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    Indiana, United States
    You could always do an updo with it. Add some victory rolls to it. Get a gorgeous curl down the side of your face.
  3. Alice~

    Alice~ One of the Regulars

    You say it's curly? Well, you're already half-way there :) I second fgradowski - try adding some victory rolls to the sides, maybe experiment with hair flowers. I'd also suggest having a browse through the Everyday Women of the Golden Era thread. Sometimes we can get a little distracted by movie-star hair, and a lot of everyday styles get overlooked. :)
  4. KatPower

    KatPower New in Town

    I'm experiencing the same problem as you, even if my hair isn't nearly as long as yours! Mine's a little bit past mid-back, thick, and naturally curly/wavy. My friends and family fawn over my hair and are horrified at the prospect of my cutting it. My boyfriend is especially against the idea. He loves my hair best when it's natural and low-maintence, but I like it best when I actually style it. Mine never looks authentically vintage, given the length, but I can easily get it to look vintage-inspired. I curl it overnight using foam rollers, or, if I'm in a time crunch, use hot rollers. When it's curled and freshly brushed out it's a few inches past my shoulders, and continues to fall throughout the day, even if I use a ton of hair spray. It's usually my average length by the end of the day, but because of my hair's natural texture holds the shape of the curl very well. Because of this my hair always looks, if not authentically vintage, vintage-inspired. I like to do victory rolls or an S wave, or don a beret when it's down. My hair's all one length.

    You could also do vintage-inspired updos where length isn't as much of a problem. On lazy days I'll only curl the front of my hair and tie the rest up. As a finishing touch I'll add a silk scarf or bandana and tie it ala Rosie the Riveter.
  5. scarlett

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    Los Angeles
    My hair is waist length and naturally stick straight. I like the length and the freedom of not having to style it all the time, all those products and heat wreak havoc on healthy hair. I can't stand the feel of the styling products and unwashed hair. On a daily basis I go with a pomp and add a pony tail, or clip back most of the front. Headbands, flowers, side swept hair, long and loose, updos, curls, etc. I like the versatility my length gives me.
    Try to find looks that are your own, you can work vintage looks with long hair. Google Sherry Britton, she's a burlesque beauty with very long hair in vintage styles.
  6. sheeplady

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  7. MissNathalieVintage

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    I can understand why you are unhappy with your hair. Never fear we on the lounge will help you out to the best of our knowledge. :)
    You stated your hair is curly it depends on how curly your hair is. I posted a list of items on the curly hair woes thread.

    For curly haired girls rolling the hair will not be an option but there is a way to still “roll” curly hair without it becoming frizzy. This blog posted by The Retro Natural shows step by step how to roll curly hair the correct way

    I will also suggest a once a month blunt cut which you can do successful at home. I have long thin wavy hair and I cut my hair like this all the time. I am able to do vintage hairstyles successfully; there is a myth that every one will need a middy hair cut to get perfect vintage hair styles. I love my long hair and refuse to cut it short.

    Here is a great youtube channel called Iris J. who does some vintage hairstyles and WOW! She has really long hair. I adore her channel

    Cherry Dollface is also a great channel to check out

    Lisa Freemont street another favorite even though she does not have curly hair she offers great tips on vintage hairstyling and product reviews

    A vintage Vanity does long hair vintage hairstyles too
  8. Grant Fan

    Grant Fan Practically Family

    Up until last week mine was long not that long but why don't you try cutting it to mid back, it will make it lighter and thus a bit easier for you to get a vintage feel

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