Help Recreating this Hairstyle? (20s-30s)

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by coddswaddle, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. coddswaddle

    coddswaddle Guest

    I've been a lurker here for a while (amazing info, by the way!) and hope you folks can help me figure out how to recreate this hair. It's Marisa Tomei's character from the movie "Oscar". It's a structured style that I assume involves some form of pincurls, but the waves are fairly large.

    Sorry for the low-quality, grainy pics, they're screenshots from the movie.
  2. Louise Anne

    Louise Anne Suspended

    Yorkshire ,UK
  3. Antje

    Antje One Too Many

    Schettens (Netherlands)
    Fingerwaving is very difficult but you can maybe fake it with a nice brushed trough pincurlset,
    the spitcurls you could make with making a pincurl with gelled hair and than
    "glue" it on your forehead with gel
  4. Ruby Red

    Ruby Red New in Town

    Seattle/ San Francisco
    for the decorative curls around the face, gel and curl them, as Antje suggested, and consider using hair tape or a pin curl clip to hold it in place while it dries. After that, it should stay pretty well cemented in place.
  5. coddswaddle

    coddswaddle Guest

    The decorative curls look easy enough, although I imagine it's going to make me break out to have gel or other kind of product pressed against my face- worth it!

    Those structured sides, with their lovely swoops and peaks, look fantastic. Would fingerwaves, pincurls or rollers (or even something else) create those shapes?
  6. texasgirl

    texasgirl One Too Many

    Dallas, TX

    That's one of my husband's favorite movies! Last time we watched it, he said I need to try that style! Post pictures when you try it out :)
  7. Jenniferose7

    Jenniferose7 One of the Regulars

    Brooklyn, NY
    Marisa's hair was amazing in that movie!

    I think the only way you'll be able to acheive that look is through finger waving. I've tried finger waving with a small amount of sucess. It is by far the toughest vintage style I have ever tried. I think the best way to finger wave is with the help of a friend or stylist who knows how to do it because it's hard to wave the back of your head.

    Bramcost publications has a vintage reprint book devoted completely to finger waving:
    I have not read it but the reviews are good.
  8. coddswaddle

    coddswaddle New in Town

    San Francisco
    Two attempts thus far and all I've been able to do well are those decorative spit curls :mad: I think I'm beginning to see some things that I'm doing wrong: I've got very long hair (almost to my waist) so the weight tries to drag everything straight, I need something "stronger" to get it to hold, hair needs to stay wet during the shaping and I need to let it dry completely. I'll keep trying so that I can eventually post it up for other gals with long hair. (I'm getting quite a collection of "before" photos!)

    Over the holidays I'll be visiting with my fiancee's grandparents and I'm hoping Gramma will remember how to do waves and show me how it's done.

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