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Himel Bros. / Kensington / Size 44 / Black Shinki Horsehide


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Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller (I’m more of a StyleForum guy, feel free to check me over there for rep).

For your consideration: Himel Bros. Kensington, size 44, black Shinki horsehide pigment finish (teacore). Black Thread, Talon nickel hardware, black cotton twill lining.

Truly an amazing piece. Purchased brand new, worn maybe 5 or 6 times, amazing condition.

I’m only selling because I was able to get my “dream” jacket, The Real McCoy’s J-100. Now, here is the weird part - I actually prefer the Himel to RMC. Both have top notch construction and leather. The Himel has a cotton drill lining vs. RMC’s rayon lining, so it feels less “precious”. And the Himel has 2 internal pockets with snaps, the RMC has no pockets. This pockets are very useful!

Since I’ve been looking for the RMC for so long, it was only fitting that it was the one I keep. Yeah, I know it’s complete in my head/mental, and a little dumb. I totally get it. Just let me live my life :)

I don’t trust my measurements at all, so I’ll present what Himel Bros. provided for this particular jacket -

Chest: 24”

Hip: 23”

Shoulder: 19”

Back Length: 26”

Arm Length: 26”

I’ve included a “fit pic” to show you what this looks like when worn. For reference, I’m around 5’10”. Fits like a proper 44. David Himel really nailed the pattern.

I’m asking for $1800 shipped in the USA (contact me for international). I’m definitely willing to entertain offers, just…try not to lowball :/

Also, I removed the leather pulls from the wrist/sleeve zippers. But I still have them, and will include them.

Now, a proper description from the Himel Bros. website:

“Our sly take on the café racer, the Kensington is named for the famous Jewish market in Toronto, Ontario, located just steps from the Himel Bros. atelier. Rooted in the English and American tunic-style pieces of the 1950s, the Kensington incorporates uniquely Canadian design references, including a giant 1930s-style back panel. The design is as simple as it is effective—our organic, hand-drawn, patterns give the Kensington Café Racer an iconic look.

No Himel Bros. design is complete without special attention to fit—the Kensington is designed to allow full arm movement without a bi-swing back, through carefully applied give in the pattern behind the shouldersu. This design allows for the formation of a V-shaped gusset over the belt buckle, creating the full range of motion.”









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Southern California
I'm definitely interested this jacket. I tried my hand with a second hand Himel jacket in the past and had to part with it (the custom fitting made the jacket fit me like a corset, unfortunately). But these measurements seem to be spot on for me. I'll have to shoot you an offer.