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    New Jersey
    Featured Jacket: Buzz Rickson G-1 Flying Jacket, U. S. Navy MIL-J-7823 (AER), Honey-Colored Collar

    Buzz Rickson's brand is renowned for producing truly standout copies of the famous G-1 Flying Jacket and this example is their same basic spec. 7823 (AER), the one that started all the love for Buzz Rickson's, but featuring a gorgeous honey-colored fur collar. While the 7823 spec. required the collar fur to be a dark brown color that closely matched the leather color, the reality is that many were produced with collar fur in varying shades of brown, some of which were a golden-honey color that gorgeously contrasted against the dark brown leather. Other than the fur color, this limited-edition Buzz Rickson's G-1 Flying Jacket is the same MIL-J-7823 (AER) spec. as their original model also available on this website.

    The vegetable-tanned goatskin is truly superb on this coat; while it is a robust, plump goatskin, the grain compares very favorable to what we see on vintage jackets and the weight and handle of the leather is a dream - just like 1950 and not at all heavy or stiff! Also, the dye is sprayed on naked leather, as it should be for a 7823 G-1, and it's also very matte in finish; the result is a leather that will distress and age over time from use and wear to yield a vintage look that is on par with anything made in the 1950's.

    Another aspect to love is the single-ply rib-and-rack waist band. Not only is the weave spot on, as one would expect from Buzz Rickson's, but the weight/heft is equal accurate. These single-ply bands had to be close to the heft of the double-ply bands used on other jackets because they were only single ply, yet many makers of repro USN intermediate leather flying jackets utilize waist bands lacking in the correct weight and thickness.

    No detail is overlooked and the "USN" stencil in silver is indeed painted on the collar back, and the rayon acetate lining is just spot on in weight and hand and color, being that unique purple-like brown shade we lovers of early G-1's know so well. Assembly is with all-cotton thread on vintage sewing machines, and as always the case with Buzz Rickson's leather goods, an appropriate needle size is used so that large, insulting holes are not punched into the leather as is the case with some manufacturers confused for making high-end leather jackets.

    Saving what I think is the best for last is the fur collar. This is half-inch, premium merino mouton that is plush and sumptuous. The color is a dead ringer for those honey-colored collars sometimes seen on the older G-1's and it is just drool worthy, contrasting gorgeously against the matte jacket leather! It's amazing that an issue military jacket was ever so stylish; this one surely would have been a coat worth stealing or bartering for back in the day!!!

    We have sizes 38-44 in stock for immediate shipment.


    buzz rickson-G-1-jacket-br80529-sunburned-collar-front.jpg

    buzz rickson-G-1-jacket-br80529-sunburned-collar-lining wo.jpg
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    Oh yes, I remember the two versions of the N3 parka, at least from your photos. My personal preference is for black/black/black/black, which I think is most true to the Gibson theme (and it just looks better to my eyes), but I guess you'd have to look at the sales records for the two different N3 versions and see which sold more. Anyways, I doubt BR is going to revive a Gibson N2, but maybe someday. What would help would be a good film or a tv series adaptation of Gibson's novel(s).
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    New Jersey
    Thanks for the feedback. I think all black would sell better, though not my personal choice.

    As for film adaptations of a Gibson novel, I concur they would only help sales. "Pattern Recognition" was supposed to be made and even had a director assigned, but that was years ago, so who knows what happened. I'll never forget how that book brought buyers out of the woodwork overnight. Never experienced anything like it before or since and will forever be grateful for it.
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    New Jersey
    Featured Jacket: Buzz Rickson's Rough Wear B-15 Flying Jacket

    Buzz Rickson's brand has reproduced the B-15 Flying Jacket in exacting detail, based on those once produced for the AAF by the Rough Wear Clothing Co. Buzz Rickson's heavy, cotton twill fabric is never to be confused with the cheap, flimsy bed sheet-like fabrics used by lesser manufacturers to produce so-called vintage reproduction USAAF flying jackets. In fact, the only other flying jackets in the world today made from this fabric are those vintage original examples of the USAAF. Other correct details include an oxide-coated 1943 Talon zipper on contrasting zipper tape made in pure HBT cotton with no plastic, double-faced alpaca and-wool lining, half-inch sumptuous, plush merino sheep-fur collar in a gorgeous rusty-brown shade, wind flap with correct 6 rows of stitching to secure alpaca interlining, dual-entry, corduroy-lined pockets, custom-made nylon-blended cotton reinforcements sleeve ends, armpits, cotton-thread assembly, and interior bottom, and so much more.

    We are stocked with sizes 38-44 for immediate shipment.


    buzz-rickson-b-15-jacket-br14390-label wo.jpg
    buzz-rickson-b-15-jacket-br14390-decal-wo.png buzz rickson-B-15-jacket-br14390-back.jpg
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