Hornskov Hats - custom Danish hatter

Discussion in 'Hats' started by JessieJames, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Who are you? Who is the “we” that are tired of it? Have you been appointed spokesperson for a group? I haven’t made a comment on this for some time. I suggest you learn to ignore posts if you don’t like them. Please feel free to block me so you don’t have to read my posts. And welcome to The Fedora Lounge, I guess.
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  2. belfastboy

    belfastboy I'll Lock Up

    vancouver, canada
    Brent: Thanks for taking the bullet for me. When I saw the hat I was going to mention the dreaded Petersham rearing its ugly head again but I was distracted.

  3. I wasn’t trying to be rude to the new guy and I hope I didn’t come across too snarky. I was just a bit taken aback at his comments.

    I understand that not everyone cares about petersham ribbon, and I freely admit that it’s a small thing, but it is a “thing.” I also felt the need to clarify that despite Hornskov saying they were discontinuing petersham it’s still being used. I know I would want to know that if I was considering them for a custom hat. Heck, I like his work enough that I was considering buying another hat and having it sent straight to a US hatter to have the ribbon replaced, but the petersham brim binding killed that idea. If the petersham ribbon issue isn’t an issue for someone then it’s easy enough to disregard my posts on it…I didn’t understand where the new guy’s hostility was coming from. It was his first post after five years as a member…I must have gotten under his skin, but it wasn’t intentional.
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  4. The Shoe

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    As a fan of Hornskov, I’ve read everything in this thread. I certainly didn’t get the same impression as he did. That just seemed like a bizarre post. Count me out of the “we”.
  5. Pellie

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    Enschede, Netherlands
    Let it go Brent, 'we' apreciate your opinion or everyone elses about anything. And sometimes people are disagree, but that's oke. :)
    I'm also a Hornskov fan and it doesn't bother me if your opinion about the hatband is different then mine. I only learn from it!
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  6. Steve1857

    Steve1857 I'll Lock Up

    The guy was rude, Brent. Very rude. Your reply was totally in order.
    Looking at his profile, he seems like a troll to me.
    Let's hope we hear no more from him.
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