Horsehide Leather Jerkin - 1945, British

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Seth Byrnes, Aug 31, 2021.

  1. Seth Byrnes

    Seth Byrnes One of the Regulars

    US / Canada
    Asking $199 USD + Shipping O.B.O
    Great shape throughout, has evidently been cared for.
    Has a beautiful intact label dated 1945 and has a nice War Department stamp in the armpit reinforcement. Made by Waring & Gillow of London.
    Measures 22" Across chest, 82 inches from nape to front bottom point.

    G4w28gi.jpeg kmXS2sk.jpeg bfYBH89.jpeg BmtcNip.jpeg ddJacye.jpeg Ef4ZOuk.jpeg G4w28gi.jpeg U8x7SG4.jpeg zsyGl1M.jpeg

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  2. regius

    regius My Mail is Forwarded Here

    New York
    A very unique piece!

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