How To Store A Wide Brim Akubra?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by BryanB, May 9, 2021.

  1. BryanB

    BryanB One of the Regulars

    I have the coober pedy and want to get the cattleman. I'm thinking of hanging them on coat hook on the wall. I don't really have closet room. But that would mean the brim sits flat on the wall. Is that bad? I mean they say if the brim sits flat on a shelf or table it will ruin the hat, so it would seem storing them on a coat hook on the wall would too. IDK.

    Any storage ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange I'll Lock Up

    Hudson Valley, NY
    You don't have to baby Akubra hats. Some of mine hang on the wall all year, some sit in plastic bags stacked on closet shelves when its their off-season. Nothing fazes them. Pre-shaped Akubras are tough enough that they're not going to get flattened or lose their brim swoop easily. My Cattleman has spent every winter since 2005 or 2006 flat on a shelf, and it hasn't ever lost its slight downward brim shape.

    And note that some longer hat hooks (like decorative brass ones) actually keep the hat "floating" away from the wall, keeping the brim from touching the wall entirely. The only wear on these may be inside, where the top of the hook hits the top/back of the lining. And nobody but you sees the lining.
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  3. Frunobulax


    Funkytown, USA
    You might want to take gravity in consideration.
  4. M Brown

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    N Tx
    I store my Territory, as well as my other felt hats, in hat boxes. Each hat gets a loose wrap in a dry cleaner's plastic bag that I repurpose after they come off of my shirts.
    Then they go upside down into crown ring in the hat box. I keep the hat boxes on top of the armoire in my bedroom and a couple on the top shelf in my clothes closet.

    But, as someone said previously, Akubra hats are pretty stout. My Territory is my #1 work hat while maintaining the property during the cooler months and it's taken a lot of dust and sweat. When it gets to looking pretty bad I just wet it and brush it, then let it dry and it's ready for another round. And even after several years of use it still responds to a good steaming.
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  5. Mm25

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    Most of these are Akubras. They are on 3 inch wood dowel rods set into the rail boards. They sit far enough from the wall that the brims do not touch. They have been on stored like this for years. Only complaints I have are dust and the loose ends of the ribbon curling.
  6. johnnycanuck

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    I don’t think it will be an issue. I had all my hats hanging on hooks for years with no ill effects. If they were wet I would put them upside down on a counter till they were dry. Make sure they kept their shape or more importantly I could tweak their shape if I wanted to. My cattleman’s brim can flip up like a fedora so I usually do that when I put mine down. I find it helps keep its shape. But my Coolabah has a stiff brim so it won’t do that and I don’t need to do that. It’s like a tank.
    Hope that helps some.

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