I got a new (to me) treadle sewing machine!

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Tophat Dan, Mar 12, 2008.

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    A friend of mine is moving to a smaller place and had to get rid of a few things. Knowing that I've been after a treadle machine for a long time and being the swell, awesome, super cool guy he is, he gave the machine to me!

    As far as collectible value goes, I don't think it has much. The original varnish is flaking, the decals, enamel and nickel/chrome plating have mostly been rubbed away and one of the drawer pulls is broken. That being said: I don't care about it's collectible value, I wanted it to use, and the thing still runs like a top!

    The brand name is one I'm unfamiliar with, "Standard". My extremely cursory research shows that Standard was formed as a company in 1884, but I think my machine was made some time in the 'teens or twenties. From the pictures I've been able to find, the cabinet doesn't match the very earliest models (1884-1900's). Unfortunately I'm unable to read the patent info because most of it has been rubbed away.

    The machine even came with some built-in personality. The drawers were full of vintage brick-a-brack and attachments for the machine. I've posted a selection of the most interesting pieces. The feet (those left intact) seem to be mostly for putting bias tape or ribbon onto a garments edge, save for one that I think is for making hems and one that *might* be a gathering foot. Any help with these would be appreciated. As for the other things in the last photo, the round black thing is an ancient roll "Dennison's passe partout picture binding" whatever that is, and the wrench looking gadget has something to do with putting the belt on. There were also some neat little silver metal vintage buttons. Also making her internet debut is our cat Eve, who gets into everything weather you want her to or not. I swear i didn't see her until after I uploaded the photos. Sneaky thing.....





    Happy ogling! As always, any info you folks can give me about the machine is always appreciated.

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