I have M Jackson’s black Fedora from 1984 Miami victory concert

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Tocon51, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Rmccamey

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    Central Texas
    And/or 2 or 3 other people at the event who saw him throw it and saw you pick it up...or the equivalent on a video.

  2. Louis Mountbatten

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    It would be difficult to prove, I agree. I would get written affidavits from those who you went to the concert with who can attest that you caught it. Then I would get evidence from other MJ hat sales that are the same brand that you have as a bit more evidence that it could be "right." If other sales say they are Dobbs hats, well, you at least have the right brand. I think many collectors would accept that. It wouldn't go for the high end prices because the provenance isn't perfect, but I think it would be acceptable for many.
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  3. Hat and Rehat

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    Most of us here are probably not huge Micheal Jackson fans, so had you explored a little before posting, the wise-ass comments might have come as less of a shock.
    There is an amazing amount of information in the archives of the Fedora Lounge. The search engine is less than optimal, as almost any of us would admit. There are also extremely helpful people here that will take a deep interest in genuine hat questions asked by anyone within our community. But we are a community, not a clearinghouse. We aren't a WIKI thing. We like our hats for reasons other than their exchange value.
    A wool fedora is no great shakes, most of the time. Do you think it might be a better felt? Beaver? Hare?
    Your hat probably has the highest value to fans of MJ, more than people into hats. Harrison Ford brought many more people into the hat fold than did Micheal because it was more of a prop than anything else for Mr. Jackson in his performance, while the Indy thing managed to revive an old school way that men carried themselves.
    If you have tickets from the gate to go with the hat, you might have a genuine collector's item. Is it wool? Or a better felt?
    I hope you don't feel like you you were treated poorly here (and I did laugh at what others said). But you might have treated us in a cavalier way as well.
  4. SinSir

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    I know for certain the estate will help you anyway they can if legit. Contact the estate through the attorney. Expect to pay fees and/or percentages.

    And the jokes were funny one liners, laugh a bit.
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  5. Just Daniel

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    If you have an actual ticket stub or pictures from the era that might help too.

    Good luck!


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