I like short sleeves and I cannot lie...

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by BlueSteel, Aug 20, 2021.

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    Hi All! Just out of interest - I have an otr Aero Boardracer that I barely wear because the sleeves are too long - they are zipped cuffs but to shorten them I think the cuffs would have to be reworked vs losing length at the shoulder end of the sleeve, as if I went for the latter option I would never get them over my forearms given the snug fit - do you have any ballpark ideas of what you think the likely cost would be to get 2” off the sleeves? Or is it simply not worth the candle and I should move the jacket on? Any advice would be very welcome!
  2. And this length would be just right for me. :cool: Different strokes for different folks.
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    cant believe I missed this thread! For me, and this is just my opinion (man ), overlong sleeves look terrible.

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    Overly long or overly short sleeves don't look good. Basically over anything on a leather jacket isn't good.
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