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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Guppy, Dec 2, 2021.

  1. Guppy

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    Cleveland, OH
    So I am browsing Ali express and notice a listing for pants. The pants are all right, but what catches my attention is the vest worn by the photo model.


    I wrote the merchant to ask if it was available, but they couldn't help me.

    I scoured aliexpress for as long as I could stand to looking for the vest, and came up with a few that were similar, but they look like a copy of a copy - - similar pocket layout, but different proportions that look off, different buttons, and nothing like the leather used in the first one I saw, etc.


    But the one from the pants model eludes me still.

    I also saw a RRL hunting jacket on ebay that had the same general pocket layout but with sleeves and a zipper rather than buttons, and a detachable collar.


    I'm most interested to find the exact vest from the pants listing, but I'm also interested in the design, if there's any info out there on the original design maker, etc.

    Any leads or info appreciated.
  2. Monitor


    I'm not sure it's anything in particular. There are lots of these outdoor / game leather vests out there, though the one on the model reminds me of Tenjin's earlier piece I can't seem to find photos of anymore. Similar cut & higher neck opening.

    My suggestion is, go through Yahoo Auctions. If it's something fancy, it's bound to come up.

    This is Tenjinworks CV03, vest that I particularly liked. . .
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  3. Blackadder

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    It's Freewheelers.
    If I am not mistaken, the photo is from Speedway, John Lofgren's shop.
    A different outdated listing on Speedway
  4. Monitor


    Right! And I saw it, actually, when I was actively looking for a perfect vest but then I saw the back and the two pockets and the thing must've immediately gotten deleted from my mind.
  5. Mrfrown

    Mrfrown One Too Many

    Its a nice one

    Nice enough to put it on the backburner for a potential JL made down the line, but without those back pockets.

    Doesn't the opening over the middle button lead to a large pocket?
  6. Mrfrown

    Mrfrown One Too Many

    Also having just looked around a bit, the back pockets aren't really so bad. Especially on the textile versions they don't stand out as much.

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