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if you only can have 2 pieces in every clothing type, what are your choises?


I'll Lock Up
East Java
pointless thread just for fun

here is probably my choices:

2 long sleeve shirts : ivory & black (ivory/ off white shirt match anything and easy to maintain unlike pure white shirt & black shirt either looks nice when fading to grey or can be easily re-dyed black again over and over)

2long sleeve tees : grey & olive ( those color looks good in every state of their fading unlike red for example)

2long pants : fatique trouser indigo and black 5 pockets (indigo fades into great looking variation, and black pants can be redyed black again eternally)

2jackets : type 3 denim jacket indigoxblack ( I would not patch them with decorational patches if it would be my only denim jacket) , black overdyed crosszip leather jacket

2 vests : 1 wabash indigo, 1 natural vegtan leather

2waistbelt : 1 natural vegtan, 1 black overdyed natural vegtan

2shoes: 1 black overdyed sidezip boots (hopefully with removable harness decoration) 1 black canvas sneakers with gumsole( easy to maintain can be redyed easily)

2sandals: crocs 1 for indoor& 1 for bathroom

2 socks: identical black socks

2underwear: identical black boxerbriefs

2wrist decoration: 1 battery operated watch with metal band, 1 simple natural vegtan wrist strap

2rings: most likely silver metal with no stone

2 cap/ hat: I like my charchoal fisherman cap & I still need to find a beanie


One Too Many
This is too long a potential list, but I'd keep 2 Aeros (Highwayman, Maxwell), 1 pair of Loakes for work and 1 pair of William Lennon boots, 1 pair of Carhartts and 1 pair of striped Pike Bros for work. 1 Hanes Beefy T-shirt and 1 Henley, 2 formal shirts by my Shanghai tailor (no brand, but best-made shirts I've ever owned).

But the degradation rate of material would be high if I was restricted to that in HK. The laundry alone would finish that kind of capsule wardrobe off within a month and work would be a minor nightmare of raised eyebrows and concerned glances.


My Mail is Forwarded Here
Traverse city
I think this would be easy for me
2 white tees
2 chambray button downs
1 indigo straight cut denim. 1 midweight dark green trousers
1 lace up brown boot. 1 pair running shoes.
light wash type 3 with layering room. Khaki n1 with room

Canuck Panda

My Mail is Forwarded Here
Tops: one black and one white shirts
Bottom: one pair of charcoal trouser and one pair of dark jeans
Jacket: one black leather and one navy blazer
underwear: don't matter as long as its clean
socks: charcoal socks 2 pairs
shoes: one pair of black dress shoes, one pair of vans
belt: one black one brown

2 of each is very difficult. 3 of each would open up a lot more possibilities...


Practically Family
2 Aero's (59'er, Royale). Although need my Barbour for winter!
2 & Sons Company T's
2 " Shirts
1 " Jumper
2 " Selvedge Jeans
2 Jadd Desert Boots (one suede other Elk)


I'll Lock Up
Love this idea. I wrote an article for my blog on this a while back, but slightly different. Everything I'm choosing is from what I already own.

T shirts: 1 ecru t from M&O mfg Co (ooe yofukuten basically) and 1 plain white Mister Freedom skivvy t

Shirts: 1 light blue chambray work shirt and 1 sage green chambray from The Rite Stuff

Jackets: my late 40s/early 50s sportclad and my Freewheelers Bodie. (The Vintage Cal is a close 3rd)

Bottoms: 1 pair of straight fit indigo denim (preference changes a lot, but probably Ooe or some obscure Japanese repro brand) and 1 pair of buzz rickson wwii tan chinos

Boots: 1 pair of white kloud boots in cognac and 1 pair of Clinch engineers in dark brown.

Hats: my wellema and my optimo are my two favorites right now

Sunglasses: probably one Jmm and one Matsuda or my OP MiJ

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