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Important: regarding liners and custom orders

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by Cane Rod Maker, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone. I just want to note that I still have my plain liners and they are always available. I certainly do not want to miss out on business over my choice of artwork.
    If you plan to buy a hat from me in the future please know that you have a choice.
    Just tell me and I do not mind putting in a basic high quality liner. No artwork

    And for my general use as I launch Etsy.....my "already made hat" those will be branded. But even then if we are communicating and the issue is a liner....if the hat needs a plain Ole liner, just say the word.

    I know this will be viewed by many. Please give a like if so inclined.

    I thank everyone in advance for their patronage and dedication to quality made products. And that doesn't just mean Alley Kat....it means thanks for supporting people who work with their hands to make a outstanding product. From A to Z everyone here that is a vendor does terrific work. Proud to be in running.

    Encouraging comments are welcomed. Have a great day all!
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