Insomnia Strikes Again

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Rosie, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Rosie

    Rosie One Too Many

    Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY
    I can't sleep. But, I found this really cool, and utter waste of time to mill the hours away:

    Tap in the song, the database gives you the name. It hasn't given me a correct song yet.
  2. Prairie Dog

    Prairie Dog A-List Customer

    Gallup, NM
    Thanks for the site Rosie, but all of the songs sound the same.
    How could Eye Of The Tiger sound like Yellow Submarine, Old MacDonald and Jingle Bells?
    Maybe I need to get some sleep and try it again in the morning.
  3. pretty faythe

    pretty faythe One Too Many

    Las Vegas, Hades
    well, she said it hasn't given her a correct song yet. But it did help me refresh my memory about going on to google and typing in Jack White and getting the other band name that he belonged to (Raconteurs) which had been driving me and my oldest nuts and no one was answering at the freaking radio station! And we couldn't think of the song which beat was in our heads, Steady As She Goes. So, thank you Rosie!
  4. Samsa

    Samsa Guest

    Don't forget The GO!

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