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its Brewering season! any one have any prohibition recepies?


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Hello every one!
part of our favorite genre was not necessarily squeaky clean and there were shadowy elements to it at times. so in the spirit of the old days I'm pulling the carboy and equipment out of the attic and going to brew up some prohibition style beer for my self and some apple jack for Christmas gifts.
I wanted to draw on the community here for a recipe for prohibition style beer because i find the internet is lacking on what was in prohibition style beer. the only recipe i found was Al Capone's which was: rice, barley and soy beans grits. Or hopped malt syrup and dextrose sugar. although easy it does not sound like actually accurate to what i wanted to create.
any input.

the super secret recipe passed down to me by immigrant relatives if any one is interested in apple jack is:
3 gallons apple cider: super marker off the shelf works.
5 Lbs of sugar. (they might have used brown sugar but i haven't.) stir that in.
two hand fulls of minced dates and raisins.
a few cloves for flavor. - Or orange slices (note that orange slices do not make the finished product as dry as it normally would be)
add yeast let set for two weeks.
rack the brew into a 5 gallon bucket and store in any type of freezer. (two smaller buckets work.)
2 days later remove the buckets and scrape the ice off the top. replace in freezer and wait two days.
repeat until there is little to no more ice forming and Bobs your uncle there's apple jack.


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Traditionally, going back to colonial times, applejack was made with a freeze distillation process; however, it can also be made with an evaporative distillation process too. Similar to ice beer, this cold process for applejack was popular because it produced a very smooth final product.

Out of curiosity, what kind of percentage by volume do you get?
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