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I've finally found my inspiration: Yeps


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While I was researching Google for vintage inspiration I stumbled upon some old pages of the "What are you wearing thread" from 2011 on FL and I almost fell out of my chair as I think I found more than the inspiration I needed. It was a revelation of sorts as this came very timely. The person in question (Yeps) is relatable as he looks like a much more handsome version of me, like what I would've looked if I didn't have an accident breaking my nose and chin (hence why I never post photos of myself online).

Since that incident I've lost my hope and self-esteem. However, I took this as a sign that I should stop self-pitying and start improving myself. And I will use you, Yeps, as an inspiration, as your photos showed me how good I could look with a total (vintage) makeover including everything from vintage clothes to a surgical nip and tuck. :)

Despite the risks, I am now certain that I should go for that nose job and chin augmentation I need. Thank you very much for giving me inspiration to take my life in my hands! For your face is very much similar to the face I had before my accident. So my plastic surgery won't be just about aesthetics but about reclaiming my original looks and also medical since I cannot breath easily through my nose...

Anyway, I wish you all the best, Yeps, and thank you for inspiring me! I really think me stumbling on your posts was a sign from above showing me I should strive improving myself no matter what it takes. :) So buying a car is postponed now, as I'd rather improve myself first. ;) It's good to have entertainers that can truly inspire in the sea of slob-dressing celebrities of today. I'd like to know what decades you draw your inspiration from mainly and what companies/sites you use to buy your clothes if possible?

Thank you once again!!!

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