JA Dubow Mfg Dubow G-1 repro - Platon's expanding to the USN - Who wants one????

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Brettafett, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. Brettafett

    Brettafett One Too Many

    Now this IS interesting. Platon has acquired an original Dubow G-1, and is looking to reproduce it.
    I had some recent comms with him and he shared the below.

    Essentially, he is looking at reproducing an "...exact replica so it will feel like a NOS original..."
    Considering what he did with the A-2, I believe him.

    "We will follow the USN spec size which has sizes from 36 to 48 and everybody will be happy.
    Of course everything is still in the planning stage and it will be long till we can start accepting orders.
    At this stage just trying to gauge demand."

    Apparently he is looking to do an initial run, sometime in 2022... if enough interest is obtained.
    So, not sure if this will go straight onto their catalogue, or be a limited edition run...?

    Pricing will be circa Euro 480 - an absolute bargain if you ask me, considering how good his A-2 is.

    So, my question is, who else is interested?????

    I hope theres enough support, I'd love to see this happen. Something to look forward too in 2022!

    Please send any interest/ queries Platon's way (www.jadubowmfg.com), the above is all I know.
    And please share any more info you get.

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  2. draš katalenić

    draš katalenić One of the Regulars

    Zagreb, Croatia
    I'm interested on this jackets. Hope it will be in production soon.
  3. Bfd70

    Bfd70 Call Me a Cab

    Off topic but Brett can you speak to the arm holes on the Dubow A2. Are they particularly high?

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