(KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

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  1. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Chicago, IL US
    I imagine that my generation's Randall Attack Knife #9 is long retired. Enduring quality.
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  2. Yahoody

    Yahoody Practically Family

    Great Basin
    The #14 and #18 Randal Attack models are still being made. Nice designs even today. Long from being retired.

    Randall Made Knives » Randall Made Knives Catalog (randallknives.com)

    The last two I made for my own use. Double edged fighters, based again, on Randal designs for the most part. Lower blade design idea was my take of an early SOG recon by Ben Baker, who again, used Randal #1, #2 and #14 as inspiration for his ow CISO/SOG/CIA knife designs. Both (most) of mine are 1/4" stainless stock, with 7.5" blades. Canvas micarta handles, double hilts of nickel silver, which are silver soldered to full tangs, with no tang showing. sog1.JPG
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  3. Bushman

    Bushman My Mail is Forwarded Here

    A little while back I did a full cataloging of my knife collection.

    Folding blades:
    -San Francisco souvenir Swiss Army knife
    -Chicago souvenir Swiss Army knife
    -Filipino butterfly knife by Frost Cutlery
    -Pensacola, FL souvenir folding knife
    -Krieger folding stiletto knife
    -CSC folding stiletto knife
    -Barracuda Rostfrei Delta Ranger pocket knife

    Mid-sized fixed blades (~ 7in)
    -Parker-IMAI K-636 survival knife
    -Buck 120 General knife
    -Survivor bowie knife
    -GC Co. Original Italian bowie knife
    -Sabre Monarch 171 bowie knife
    -WWII Era Mexican-made Fundicion De Artilleria fighting knife

    Large fixed blades (over 8in)
    -Rambo: First Blood survival knife
    -Timber Rattler bowie knife
    -Windlass Sheffield bowie knife
    -Gil Hibben IV Rambo knife
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  4. Steven65

    Steven65 New in Town

    Cape Town, South Africa
    I'm also very fond of traditional pattern knives. A few of mine.........:)

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