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Discussion in 'Hats' started by XPLSV, Jun 5, 2009.

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    As I'm awaiting a new vintage Knox hat, I've been reviewing various info on the Knox history and came across an interesting posting that was actually published to give history for the Knox Building in New York City, which happens to be tied to the company, itself. I was very surprised at the amount of detailed info on the Knox Hat Company that was listed throughout the article, so I'd like to share it here. I haven't seen the link posted before, although it could very well be something I've missed in the wealth of info on TFL. Here's the link, enjoy:
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    Chas. Knox (name of the founder) was a, or possibly the, brand name on Knox hats for awhile at midcentury. (Then again, with at least one similarly named subsidiary - the retail division - there may have been a whole other line of merch.) I've seen at least one hatbox bearing that name.
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    The above site is by someone named Knox and has nothing to do with Knox hats.
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    I have to say, I found this Knox advertisement from 1910 hilarious.

    So, Knox noticed a photo of President Teddy Roosevelt waving away the Great White Fleet as it steamed off across the oceans in a world-wide show of American force just before WWI. Teddy was waving his topper and inside the topper was a clear Knox logo. So, Knox wanted to use a close up of Prez TR's hand holding the Knox hat. Teddy said, no way did he want to be used to sell Knox hats. He didn't think it was right to have a president used to sell something.

    So, instead of using the actual photo, Knox had someone draw the image and they used it anyway!


    Pretty funny stuff.
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    I have a Knox Twenty Custom Edge, Curious to find out the production year and model of the fedora. I think is a "Twenty" but not sure. These are the codes inside the hat: Oval: LO, To Duplicate: H 23749, Block 006, 5 1/2 Size: 7 1/4. (I believe the 5 1/4 is the crown size because that is what is measured at. Below are a couple of pictures. Thank you Happy Thanksgiving 2020, Stay safe

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    I only see thumbnail size photos that are too small to enlarge and see an detail. The info you posted from inside hat is standard production markings that are common for decades and don't tell us anything about the hat date or model. H23749 is usually some ID number but I do not think anyone has ever made any sense of it giving date or model. It might even be an order number.
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