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Knox One Hundred


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Hello, I recently posted a question to another thread about this hat and seemed to have some interest. I have a Knox One Hundred for sale with a Knox hard transport case. It is a really beautiful hat but it is too small for my head so I thought I would give someone else a shot to wear it for me! Through talking with some people on the forum, I think the biggest issue is that someone cut a portion of the sweat band out. I tried to take pictures of all the spots of concerns I saw, I am not an expert in these but with some help from the guys in the other thread I think I found everything. With that said, I’m going to set the price of $500 but I’ll consider any offer.
Im not sure where to start with the damage to it but hopefully this is within reason! I’m also running it on eBay but I would rather get it to someone on here I believe. Please PM me if you need any other info! Also, big thanks to all the guys who helped in the “ask and answer” thread.

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Too bad about the stains and the sweatband. I'm a size 7-1/2, but if the brim was wider (and since the sweat is messed up) I'd make an offer based on the vintage hat body and send it to be reblocked to my size, a new sweat added and try to save the ribbon and liner.

Unfortunately, the brim is at my minimum width now so not enough felt to play with and have it sized up for me.

Good luck with the sale. Some 7-1/4 fellas should be along to take a peek.

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