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Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by Joe50's, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Joe50's

    Joe50's Familiar Face

    image.jpg image.jpg I bought a 30’s floor lamp to restore and I was given a shade frame with it, but I haven’t seen a frame close to it before and I thought maybe someone on here might know what style of shade it is? It looks like a bell shade with a flat 1 inch rim at the base
  2. Benproof

    Benproof A-List Customer

    Sorry - it just looks like a bent coat hanger from here :(

    It would look great if you get it sandblasted and polished and then framed it in a metal diagonal hatchet mesh wrap.

    Alternatively, you can look up 1930's art deco styles - not my thing as they tend to be more ostentatious or grandiose although can be very stylish if you have a large space with display room and sparse furnishings:

  3. Joe50's

    Joe50's Familiar Face

    I did notice that it didn’t fit right on the glass reflector shade on my other lamp so the top might be bent. I hadn’t thought about using metal mesh before, that would look good with cast iron base.
  4. Nobert

    Nobert Practically Family

    There are three sizes of glass diffusers, it may be that this one is meant to fit on a different diameter than the other one that you have. Often, these diffuser shades have two "dings" in each "spoke," so as to fit on any of the different models, but that seems not to be the case with yours. It does seem as though there should be a second ring at the top of the shade, but I can't tell if it's missing or this is some style I'm just not familliar with.

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