Leather Trucker Levi's / Lee / Type-whatever jackets!

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Monitor, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Marc mndt

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    3 x 60s/70s Levi's Shorthorn Western Wear

    5113B34A-576F-42CC-BD37-64CCFA0131F3.jpeg B8BD15AF-AC2C-4DE9-B77F-C97FE99B21F1.jpeg 34D3F630-8879-4CB1-BC05-D1B9B1BF364E.jpeg 623A981A-4904-4C1C-BD74-C80572695D5B.jpeg 30969050-284F-4BF2-A21A-45B6E4BB6D67.jpeg
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  2. Torstein

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    I got one of these in a medium recently, which fits a bit long both in body and sleeves. It has a 24 inch back - for some styles I can wear up to 25 - but IMO these Gap truckers fit longer than that measurement would suggest.
    Length more like a "modern" trucker? I was surprised. Could be because of the wide shoulders, or the front drop is just that significant. I dunno...Worth noting for others looking for these jackets.

    Anyway, of course I checked if there was a small on the interwebs. There was, and I clicked buy before double checking anything. The one in the pictures is on its way now. Leather looks similar - very nice, crinkly, lighter weight leather - but less used than the one I have...here's hoping for a great t-shirt fit
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  3. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Had mine professionally shortened, they could only go an inch without throwing off the proportions but it takes it down from 25” to 24” with slightly less room in the side pockets.
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  4. Torstein

    Torstein Familiar Face

    @bn1966 Good call! And good to know I'm not alone in this about the Gap truckers. I don't mind a Highwayman, half belt etc touching or almost touching pants pockets, but for double riders and truckers it looks off to me.

    TFL your detail nitpicking has gotten to me
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