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Legendary Products, INC. Trojan Horse


I'll Lock Up
This jacket has been photographed on the lounge before, but i thought i would give it a go again and try to better capture the grain.

I am the third Lounger to own this jacket, after @dinomartino1 and @Mysteryo. It has literally gone around the world, starting life at the Schott factory in 2006, making it's way to Perth, Australia, coming back to the south of France and then now finally the UK.

This is an interesting model, you don't see them very often, and other than Lost Worlds and this Schott repro i don't think i have seen another modern maker making these.
Edit: after asking Legendary USA, around 100 were made.

The quality is standard Schott, nothing really wrong anywhere but not a great deal of attention to detail either. A lot of loose threads everywhere, but the stitching is mostly nice and even.
The leather is pretty nice. It has a little bit of a vinyl vibe going on, but with great grain coming through. The top coat is pretty thick and is the kind that just peels off in flakes at rubbing areas leaving a grey hide beneath. Not the most character but i like it, it feels hefty and robust whilst being a bit lighter than CXL FQHH.
I am glad other people did most of the break in because it looks like it took some time.

The lining is a bit disappointing, it looks great and has that sweet purple shimmer going on, but it feels pretty rough and makes that horrible ski suite noise when you touch it.
I much prefer the quilting used in my old Schott 602

The best part is the mutton collar. It is SO THICK!
It feels like you have a fur boa scarf around your neck, it is much nicer quality than what was used on my Aero Grizzly. Much thicker and fluffier, i love it.

The fit is nice, it has a large chest to waist drop, which is unusual for Schott. It is definitely a short jacket for its size, but it fits well with a good range of motion. Between the underarm football gussets and the action back you can easily reach forward or upwards.

I am a bit annoyed about the zippers, i don't understand why you would make a repro of such an obscure jacket and use giant modern YKK branded zippers.
Why not use something more period correct?

Similarly, they used zig zag stitch to attach the back of the collar and the inside lapel facings. I don't think i have ever seen that stitch used on any repro or vintage jacket.
IMO it is a bit cheap looking. (you can see it on the picture showing the lining, next to the inside pockets)

Overall this is a very nice jacket, but a little bit more attention to detail could have made it an amazing jacket.








And fit pics:



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Perth, Australia
It looks a lot better on you than it did on me it looks just right especially from the back. It was pretty big for the size, I only wore it about five times.
I loved the back detailing, wrist fasteners and the big fur collar. I was reluctant to sell it as the chances of getting something like that again are slim to zero but it was just too big, it sat in my wardrobe for a few years.
I used to able to do up the zip and stand it straight up on it's own on the floor.
I bought that from Legendary USA back then they had quite a selection of horsehide jackets made for them by Schott.
I don't think the Trojan was made for very long.
The zipper thing was a mystery too me as well but considering the cost of the lost worlds I was willing to accept it.
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Fantastic review! Super informative, enough to make a decision whether the jacket's worth pursuing or not. I really appreciate the time and effort you take to write these up.

What I don't appreciate the outstanding photography that, regardless of all the shortcomings and negatives you mention, make the jacket look like million bucks. This one, for examples, seriously looks like the nicest jacket ever in the world from the way you photo it and now I want it and that sucks! :D

But these are all top shelf jackets you're reviewing anyway so no wonder. It's a beautiful jacket.

What would be the use of that small, angled inside pocket? Seems odd.

Oh, and it fits you perfect!


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New York
This makes me miss my Legendary Stallion & Legendary Blackhorse, & Schott 641HH and Schott 685....

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I’m starting to dislike you Carlos. LOL.
Man it looks sweet!! Perfect fit and a bad ass jacket all around. You sniped that puppy. When the mystery man mentioned selling it I was looking close at the classifieds. It never appeared and I know why. Well played sir. Well played.


I'll Lock Up
Thanks everyone for the kind words, here are a couple bonus pics.
This is what i mean when i mention poor attention to detail:

Dodgy stitching on the lapel front:


Poorly installed belt holes:


I cut off the loose threads already, but it had a lot of them everywhere.

Here are pics of the Zig Zag stitching used on the lapel facings and the back of the collar. IMO this is a modern stitch that shouldn't be on a "vintage reproduction". I think it looks cheap and out of place.



Here is a close up of the leather wear, as you can see the top coat just peels off like soft latex paint.
I don't think this is going to wear with a lot of character/patina.


To finish on a more positive note, here is a nice close up of the D-pocket.
It looks great, but imagine how much better it would look with a classic zipper.


Don't get me wrong, this is a great jacket!
I just find it a shame that Schott didn't try to raise their standards a little bit more when making such an unusual reproduction.
They could have aimed for a 10 but settled for an 8.

And @ton312, i'm sorry, it needed to be mine...
I actually wasn't even first on the buyers list, it was originally going to someone on IG. Glad he changed his mind!

@Monitor the angled pocket is the perfect size for a pack of cigarettes i think.
It is also much shallower.
The large one is huge, it almost reaches the bottom of the lining (25cm deep from button down). The smaller one is "only" 15cm deep.
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Washington DC
Very nice. The stitching wouldn't bother me, but yeah those zippers are a bit egregious... Still, not a jacket to turn down over that!

red devil

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The jacket really fits you well!

We already had a plan for the grizzly meetup... we also need a Trojan meetup now!! :D


One Too Many
And it still makes me angry that Schott doesn’t do this more often. Now their attention to detail and hardware aside. The jacket itself looks killer the Black Stallion was a beast of a jacket. If they have these patterns and can make them look this good, why not do it more often? Or the CXL 113 was great. Or the 1928 replica. List goes on and on. From a marketing point of view limited runs make them sell better. and because of their pursuit of the more fashion line stuff. Sure. But they have to know half of their market is guys like us turned on to the look by Brando and Dean or the or punk rock kids who grew up on the Ramones. A little more of this could only do them well.

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