Let's see your 2021 Halloween costume

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    My favorite holiday, gotta make my own costume, and it's gotta be scary / gory .
    Kids must face their fears and earn their candy.

    This year I went with a cowboy that was killed by an Indian.
    I tried to go as accurate as I could with what I had and without breaking the bank in case I get a repeat of last year where I didn't even see a single kid.

    Some suspenders and a wool hat off Ebay ( probably more of a fedora, but it'll do )
    An old mandarin collar shirt I had laying around, some old pants I removed the belt loops off of.
    The old work boots aren't accurate, but I figured they were a round toe so they're good enough.

    For the blood I made it using clear Elmer's glue so it still looks wet when dry.
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