Levi's 501 1955 vs modern 501 fit/differences?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Lost Ronin, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Lost Ronin

    Lost Ronin One of the Regulars

    The 1955 501's look like the have a closer fit, tighter maybe. They cost 10x as much as regular run of the mill 501's as well.

    I've now lost 208 pounds and I'm nearly to my goal weight and old jeans sizes of 32 inches.

    So I'm trying to figure which 501 Jean's to get. I know those here know the answers to all things clothing.

    I tried on some 501 CT jeans but they are too small in the legs. Couldn't get them over my calfs at all. So they won't work. I've got large legs from years of boxing and weight lifting. 501 jeans do fit but I'm wondering if the 1955 501s are a better fit or just more cauae of the denim etc.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Steinbockhase

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    Munich, Bavaria, Germany
    I learned to love Levi's in the late 1970s (when even men still wore jeans so tight, you could hardly sit down). In fact, that is the only jeans brand I've been wearing since the 80s.
    For decades I preferred the original 501, because of fit and the unique button-flies; I had them in all kinds of variations ... even in white and red (who remembers the John Kilzer song?)
    But styles and fashion change, just like my feel of comfort. Now I prefer the style-numbers 505, 550 and 559, which are more relaxed in seat and thigh. The only thing I miss are those button-flies.
    Although Levi's has often tried something new (ie. twisted seams) or lately even retro (ie. 1937 - 501s), they never actually offered the button-fly versions for other style-numbers other than the 501. Why not? I am certain there are many button-fly fans like me.
  3. Lost Ronin

    Lost Ronin One of the Regulars

    That's my favorite thing too, button flies. That and the 501 are classics.
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  4. scotrace

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    Small Town Ohio, USA
    I got a pair of 501s in the eighties and wore them until they literally fell apart--the entire seat from back to zipper just shredded. It took 20 years for that to happen. I loved the button fly but that was the only pair of the 501s I had. So I bought another pair about four years ago and they fell apart in exactly the same way--in less than two years. They're still my very favorite style and fit and I need to get another pair. My hesitation isn't fear of lowered quality but rather I kind of want the pricier selvedge jeans but am too cheap to pull the trigger.
  5. Metatron

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    United Kingdom
    If you buy a pair of Levis 501s fresh from the factory today, are you getting the same fit in general terms as the 40s-50s versions, including rise?
  6. Blackadder

    Blackadder Call Me a Cab

    The modern 501 has a more tapered leg though not as tapered as 1966 model.
    1955 501 description
    The 1944 and 55 have wider leg room (55 has more room in the bum), 47 and 66 are slimmer (66 has a more tapered leg). LVC 1978 501 is closer to the modern fit.
    Also if buying pre-shrunk, the shrinkage of all different models in my experience differs.
    The 501CT is a slimmer cut of the modern 501. CT's cut is meant to be a middle between 501 and 511.
    I just bought two more pairs of pre-shrunk 1955 501 on sale from the Levi's store as they are clearing out the last batch of Made in USA LVC in stock. Now that the last Cone Mills in US has shut down, I think LVC is shifting production to Turkey as they have done so to the pre-washed distressed LVC a number of years ago.
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