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Lileks does the 30s!

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Fletch, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    Many of you may be familiar with James Lileks' passion for 20th century culture and his rare ability to comment on it in a way that's at once loving, irreverent, and hip (as well as frequently hilarious).

    Well, there's good news tonight. Lileks has just added a new area to his extensive website that's dedicated exclusively to the 30s. It's about time.
  2. Talbot

    Talbot One Too Many

    Melbourne Australia
    Thanks for the heads up. Lileks is great!
  3. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    "Yes, Old Man Depression had certainly sucked the life and brio out of society, hadn't it?" - said in response to a color page of brilliant shades and patterns.

    I've been telling people this for years. No one listens, of course; it's all just an unpleasant economics lesson to most of us.
  4. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    And what, exactly, was Buckskein?
    And why does Lileks insist on calling it Buckstein?
  5. Miss 1929

    Miss 1929 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, California
    That was a solid hour of my life lost to chuckles...
  6. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    As it happens, the shoes I'm wearing right now are pretty much exactly the same as the sensible Goodyear Welts he scoffs at. And they're *very* comfortable. So there, smart guy.
  7. matrioshka

    matrioshka One of the Regulars

    New Hampshire
    The "Forgotten Hooch" section is a hoot.

  8. Atterbury Dodd

    Atterbury Dodd One Too Many

    The South
    Short and fat lol

  9. Avalon

    Avalon A-List Customer

    Long Island, NY
    Lileks is brilliant! I loved his "Gallery of Regrettable Food" so much I have it in hard copy. lol
  10. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    Buck Skein

    (aka Buckskein) was a sueded cotton fabric, probably similar to moleskin.
    It was sometimes (but not always) double-layered, with DuPont waterproofing process applied between the layers.
    Buck Skein and "Buck Skein Joe," the eponymous sportsman, were tradenames of Lustberg, Nast & Co., 212 Fifth Ave., New York. (Hmm, maybe that's where "Buckstein" snuck in.)
    [​IMG] Popular Science, Nov., 1935.
    [​IMG]Japanese vintage vendor, present day. Listed as "Buckskein Moleskin." Ah, so I was right.
  11. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    I'm not a shoe horse, but I'd buy a few those pairs even though my feet are more bony than "fleshy."

    As for the kitchens... :eek: Imagine illuminating 1970s colors with blinding Colorado sunshine coming through a glass block wall. I'd do a lot of eating out.
  12. anon`

    anon` One Too Many

    Oh, reading this at work was not a good idea!

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