Lost worlds Horsehide trench coat

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by tedobs, Feb 20, 2021.

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  1. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That collar is awesome. Great 70s vibe.

    I think Tomas is Greek for Thomas :D
  2. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie Call Me a Cab

    Beautiful jacket and great fit, you did well! Smart move to go with a lighter colored leather for a massive coat like this. When I see these in dark hide, I usually think these look too massive to pull off, but yours works very well! With your hair though, I‘d be rocking a Lewis Leathers Lightning all day long!

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  3. tedobs

    tedobs New in Town

    Thanks for checking out my band! We're just getting started so every kind word means a lot.
    Yeah, I've been at this for many years, in fact. My first coat only cost me €18. I've worn it for 8 or 9 years and I've wanted a nicer one all the while. At first I thought "I'll get a more expensive coat for about €100". Of course I didn't find anything at that price-point, so every year I upped the price I was willing to pay. I never expected to pay about 100 times more for my second coat than I did for my first, but I don't regret it. Thanks!
    Thank you very much! Sometimes I wonder if split could still be added?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2021
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  4. tedobs

    tedobs New in Town

    Yeah, at first the collar was quite a shock. I wasn't sure I liked it, that's why I wanted to wait a few days before posting. I knew I'd get used to it and I have.
    I looked up the Lewis Jacket. It's a bit too mean-looking to really fit my personality, but I am flattered by your recommendation ;) . As for the colour: yeah, the cognac really works. I was afraid it would be too flashy, but it isn't.
  5. red devil

    red devil My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I would believe you can, best to just ask Theo :)
  6. navetsea

    navetsea I'll Lock Up

    East Java
    congrats, it really pays off in the end.
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  7. Bfd70

    Bfd70 Call Me a Cab

    That is a statement piece for sure.
    The statement might be “outta the way sheep”
    Can’t wait to see the evo.
  8. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 I'll Lock Up

    That's incredible there! What a journey you have been on to get this coat, however I trust it's been worth it.

    Your smile in the photos tells the whole story! Nicely done on a coat style we do not often see around here.

    Best of luck as well to you and your band. Neat you are persuing this passion so dilligenty... :)
  9. tedobs

    tedobs New in Town

    Thanks for the kind words! I have to say I definitely notice people looking a bit different at me now. Belgians are in general a very shy people and we're not used to such and imposing look. Maybe after a few weeks of wear, I'll post and update on the coat so you can see it's evo ;) .
    Thanks you very much, it has been quite the journey indeed!
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  10. steve u

    steve u A-List Customer

    Great looking coat and smile..
    I couldn't hear your music unfortunately...no facebook.
    I just voted no don't buy on the pole..guess I was right.
    Enjoy and wear in good health.
  11. tedobs

    tedobs New in Town

    Thank you very much! Yes you were right, I'm very glad I didn't go with LW. It just didn't feel right. I'll look into making an actual site for the band because I don't like Facebook either. Here's a link to the YouTube video:
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  12. yellowfever

    yellowfever One of the Regulars

    @tedobs that’s a great result, thanks for posting the final outcome and pictures. Fit looks great. I think with no belt it’s best (as you did) to avoid going below the knee long and I think the length works really well and you held your nerve and still kept it reasonably long. Colour choice is excellent and works especially well with the 1970’s vibe from that epic collar… Glad you got used to the collar - that’s the crowing glory on this coat as far as I’m concerned! Think not going too heavy and stiff on the leather is also a wise choice too given how long coats are inevitably already pretty heavy, will be more wearable. Wear it with pride and enjoy watching it evolve as it breaks in and develops natural patina. I’m impressed you took the trouble to research everything and ask opinions here to draw on the extensive knowledge on TFL, a smart move most of us only learned to do after the fact!

    Think the only issue, as you identified, is that a central rear vent would have been a good call for practicality (my shorter trench coat by Pegasus is a similar length but has a rear vent, my longer vintage trench also has this vent but with the option to button it).

    By the look of the photos the coat has a central seam at the rear, so it may not be too difficult to retro fit a vent. However, normally vents are originally cut with an overlap which is not an option now. If you don’t just want a slit, but some overlap on the vent a pleat type arrangement beneath the vent slit with either cloth lining or leather could maybe be done behind the slit to allow for some movement whilst not leaving an obvious gap (one of my gabardine Burberry trench coats has such an arrangement). I’m sure Thedi could sort this for you if you wanted to get it altered. Otherwise not sure where you are in Belgium, but if you’re in Brussels and don’t fancy costs/wait etc of posting back to Thedi then I’ve had things altered by Jonathan leather at 145 Chaussee d’Ixelles with very good results (though I’ve not found them particularly cheap and the timing can be variable…).

    Anyway keep rocking the coat, nearly September so lots of chances to wear it coming up I’m sure!
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