Lucky 13!EE - Wesco CigarBrown Engineer

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JacketAddict, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. JacketAddict

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    I finally got around to putting these beuties up for sale - against my denial that they are just too big for me. Size is 13EE.
    Awesome CigarBrown Engineer - some wear marks - see the pics. Used but in very good condition. Vibram 100 "stomper" soles.
    I have treated them with Wesco Bee Oil and they are showing a beautiful deepening of the surface color. Difficult to show in the pics.
    These are NOT the same boots you will see on certain seller websites. These are 12" tall with Vibram 100 soles. Extra long lower buckle straps, brass bucklets top and bottom.
    Note: scuff marks on right boot - front toe area.

    Outer sole length: 13.75
    Outer sole width: 4.75
    Insert length: 12.5
    Insert width: 4.5
    Heel height: 1.25
    Shaft height: 12”
    Total height: 13.5”
    Circumference at opening: 17-19" (adjustable)
    $450 - includes shipping via FedEx Home.

    imageedit_7_9179855482.jpg imageedit_4_3028841311.jpg imageedit_6_4697127801.jpg imageedit_8_8620829642.jpg imageedit_1_4927546248.jpg imageedit_5_5572068174.jpg IMG_20201117_143742.jpg IMG_20201117_144201.jpg CigarBrownEng13EE_2.jpg CigarBrownEng13EE_5.jpg
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  2. SpencerD.

    SpencerD. Familiar Face

    Beautiful boots. If you ever sell your leather jeans let me know they look great!
  3. 01flhr

    01flhr One of the Regulars

    Did you ever sell these?

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