Men's necklaces?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Trenchfriend, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    I never thought of trying a necklace myself, before. But now, I saw a really cool looking one, which has a stainless-steel cross, which is swung and skeletonized. The leather strap is just black.


    But the question, going round in my head:
    Are necklaces never disturbing, especially in sweaty summer??
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  2. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    I've been wearing necklace/pendants of varying types since I was about 12. Coins, religious trinkets, shark teeth, and even fossils have found their way around my neck. For the past couple years I'd been wearing my grandfather WWII dog tag around my neck, but yesterday I swapped it for an original Hawaiian bone fish hook necklace.

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  3. The Jackal

    The Jackal One of the Regulars

    I imagine it is similar to wearing a watch when you haven't before. At first it is annoying or even physically irritating to your skin, but eventually it becomes second nature to have it on and your body gets used to having it there.

    For my purposes, I've always been a function over form kinda guy. If I didn't have a specific reason to wear something, I couldn't wear it just for fashion. I imagine my current hat collection stands in opposition to that previous stance, but I still narrowly justify it by noting the protective aspects against the sun or the cold.

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  4. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    Except for my wedding ring I've never worn jewelry that was particularly expensive or valuable. For those rare items I've worn hanging from my neck I used the same type of "ball chain" that the U.S. military uses for it's dog tags:


    They're usually stainless steel or nickel plated so they rarely cause skin irritation (I've never had a problem with that), you can get them at almost any hardware store (here in the U.S., anyway) in whatever length you want or need, and they're inexpensive. Besides, if they're good enough for the troops they're good enough for me.

    For that cross you'd have to get a bale/bail (the loop that connects the pendant to the chain), but that's an easy modification.
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  5. navetsea

    navetsea Call Me a Cab

    East Java
    Mostly no necklace I mostly wear turtleneck kind of shirt anyway, if i do it is a simple inexpensive boxy chain without pendant
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  6. jonesy86

    jonesy86 Call Me a Cab

    I wear lots of puka these days.

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  7. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    I've worn all sorts of things round my neck over the years. A bullet for a while when I was about thirteen, often accompanied by a 'peace' symbol (I hadn't even seen Full Metal Jacket then!), I think there may have been a lizard pendant at one point, a selection of Celtic crosses, even a set of dog tags punched up on a genuine Nam era US Army machine with my ID details. The latter I still have somewhere; they gained significant sentimental value having been worn on stage when I played Captain Bracket in our school production of South Pacific in 1992.... For my 24th, closing in on twenty-one years ago now, my parents got me a simple silver cross and chunky silver chain, which is about the only necklace I ever wear now. Currently misplaced at home when I took it off before one of my China trips this year, but it'll come back to daily wear when I find it again.

    Otherwise, I prefer to spend my jewellery money on rings, cufflinks and other bits of whimsical flamboyance that are more visible.
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