Mishiwaka Wool Ball-Band Eureka Sock

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  1. Michael A

    Michael A I'll Lock Up

    A bit of vintage ephemera. Knit wool liner for rubber boots made by Mishiwaka Woolen and Rubber Company.
    [​IMG]Vintage Ball-Band Socks by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    I believe they started in business around 1880 as a woolen mill making heavy woolen lumbermen's socks and knit boots. They added rubber boots to their line around 1900 and to their name around 1910. They dropped the Woolen in 1958 as they no longer produced woolen goods.
    [​IMG]Mishiwaka Ball-Band Eureka Sock by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    These are very densely knit of a very coarse wool. The foot is partially felted, but whether through wear or by design I do not know as this is the only example I've seen.
    [​IMG]Mishiwaka "Ball-Band" Knit Wool Rubber Boot Liner by Michael A2012, on Flickr
    The adjustable garter is sewn onto the sock. Can't really say what the age is, but they feel like something out of the 20's.
    Just thought it might be of interest to fans of vintage workwear.

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  2. LuvMyMan

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    Don't see these every day!
  3. Michael A

    Michael A I'll Lock Up

    I'll agree with that. This is the only example I've seen in person or on the internet. I did see some of their knit and leather boots, rubber boots and some very modern looking tennis shoes from the 30s. I guess boot liners are a rare survivor. I couldn't find anything in particular about the "Eureka Sock". Would like to learn more about them. I did wear them on the day pictured and they were fairly effective at keep the feet warm.


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