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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Snrbfshn, Feb 9, 2006.

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    Charlotte, NC
    I'm in touch with Jon Barlow Hudson, Debbie's husband (and noted sculptor), initially to buy a copy of her book. They are interested in establishing links with the Lounge (literally and figuratively), as well as accessing pictures of members' hats. I told them the site doesn't have a photo dump (though a good idea), but that most of us have pix posted on photo service sites.

    Can one of you guys follow up with Debbie and Jon? Here's his note:

    Looked at the fedora lounge site: is there a place
    where images are on exhibit? when we get our site up,
    can we link to the Fedora site?? if yes, how would
    that be done?
    thanks alot and all the best. Deb will sign the book,
    hope that is ok!

  2. Matt Deckard

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    Sounds very exciting. MK, Andy and I will have a talk... as you said there are several places where we place pics, one is obviously my disorganized Fotki account
    The Lounge will have something soon.
  3. Andykev

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    The Beautiful Diablo Valley
    I emailed him tonight.

    hi Kevin, thanks for writing. i checked out your
    site--very good. am just putting together visuals for
    one on our hat exhibit, which we just recently
    installed at the Ranching Heritage Museum at Lubbock,
    TX, until august.
    yes, we know Graham, you might recall there is a
    really nice shot of him in the back of Hat Talk. fine
    chap and yes, a great hat maker--he made a wonderful
    one for me with the beaver body i brought him. his
    only competition is John Morris (father & son) at
    Rocky Mt. Hat Co. in Bozeman, MT. he also made me an
    equally good one, a boss of the plains, with a beaver
    felt body he had.
    worth a visit if you get out that way--they both are
    absolute tops in my experience.
    as for the chat room, i am sorry to say that we just
    don't have time nor inclination for such. i am a
    sculptor busy with trying to make a living this way,
    working alone so i have to do everything, so just no
    time to hang around. and Debbie just has not time
    either as she teaches at university, nor is she
    someone to sit at a computer for discussion. she might
    get around to answering an email occasionally. thats
    about it. sorry!!
    we are thrilled to know there are at least a few chaps
    out there that really love hats!!! thats reassuring!!
    and rewarding to know that folks appreciate her
    all the very best to you!!! later......jon


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