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Discussion in 'Hats' started by mikespens, Feb 3, 2013.

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    Thought this was cool enough to warrant a new thread. Most of us have seen or own a vintage Borsalino with the corrugated sweatband feature. Here's an example, it's the green part between the crown and sweatband at the bottom of the pix:


    I have a Panama Bob Cuenca that I ordered too big and took to Bob Jesse at Black Sheep Hat Works for a new leather sweatband and ribbon. Despite his best efforts to reduce it to fit it was always slightly too big on me. Bob did not give up though. I was going to sacrifice the hat to be the crown in a Duplex hat project (another story) but telling Bob it was one of my favorite hats despite the fact it didn't fit he took up the challenge again and handmade a corrugated cardboard fixture like borsy used to do. To my relief it worked and the hat fits perfectly now. A testament to a great hatter.

    The hat:


    The corrugation is hard to see but it's the black space between the crown and sweatband:


    Better view under the sweatband:

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  2. memphislawyer

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    Hat looks great. Glad he could do the work so you can enjoy it.
  3. rlk

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    Evanston, IL
    Looks good, but I hope it is fabric and not cardboard which would break down when soaked with sweat.
  4. navarre

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    Black Sheep Hat Works
    No worries Robert. The corrugation is lacquered for water resistance.

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