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    On the move again...
    Once again we are on the move. This time back to California down San Diego way. We are very excited about this move too. It is mainly a business opportunity for my wife to start a training studio for bodybuilders, and San Diego seemed the perfect place. Plus we know the area as we have both lived down there at one time or another. We are bringing in our trainer as we who grew up there and had a large network to pool from to get things started. Our escrow closes October 7th and we land there October 12th, with a few visits for family in between. All I can hear is the song "California here I come". Although the Pacific Northwest has some great charms and we enjoyed our time here around Portland, we realized that we are So-Cal kids to the core. My wife is a beach bum and I'm a desert rat & beach bum. It is a homecoming for us.

    All of the puzzle pieces are falling into place and it is all happening pretty darn quick. Time to streamline and make it all happen. We are super excited about this move. Cannot wait. For those of you in the San Diego area, we hope to run into you for a few drinks and laughs.



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