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My Blue Heaven

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Rick Blaine

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Saskatoon, SK CANADA
You want blue?

Pulled in off the 'bay this a.m., made from smurf pelts.

It is a "Borsalino Italia Independent" a collaboration with Italian hat maker Borsalino has worked with Italia Independent on a series of hats. The brands infuses some more color and new materials into the traditional hat maker. Denim, camouflage patterns and strong colors make up the collection, which is now available in the Italia Independent flagship store in St. Tropez.

Suzy Menkes of The International Herald Tribune says that you are “a style icon for a new generation”, the Spanish publication Expansion says that “your brand of fashion has become a new way of life” and in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung we read that “everything that Lapo Elkann wears is copied and idealized”. What we’d like to know, is do you agree with these definitions? “It’s all true,” says Lapo. “One of Italia Independent’s prerogatives is to reinterpret clothing icons and to bring them closer to contemporary style. We’ve already succeeded with the tuxedo, with the double-breasted suit and the down jacket. Today,” continues Lapo, “it is an honor for me to be able to collaborate with Borsalino, a brand that is associated with historic style and international fame. With this operation, our common objective to transform an everlasting icon of fashion elegance into a new cult object for even the youngest of generations. Borsalino has meant Hat for more than 150 years – 150 years of history and tradition, but most of all of an enduring style that has turned it into a protagonist of “Made in Italy” designer elegance”.
Give us some details about these one-of-a-kind Borsalino/Italia Independent pieces – or better yet, the “Borsalino handmade for Italia Independent” pieces – as appears on the inside label… “Basically” – says Lapo - “we have combined 150 years of Borsalino’s experience and artisan know-how with Italia Independent’s quest for innovative materials and designs. The first,” continues Lapo, “is a felt hat that takes seven weeks to produce and is perfected only after 72 steps; it can be folded up and stashed in a pocket as needed and then worn once again without any signs of wear or tear. The model is available in a variety of fresh color combinations such as Klein blue and sky blue, brown and purple, lavender and raspberry red. The second model is made from Cordura®, the same material that is used to make Italia Independent’s tuxedo jackets; and finally, the third model uses a patterned woolen cloth, made exclusively for Italia Independent, which is inspired by the grunge style of Seattle and Italia Independent’s own pea coats.”
Where can we find these unique Borsalino/Italia Independent items? “In both the fashion stores that have partnered with Italia Independent and in Borsalino stores.”


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North Dakota
Didn't know about this thread. My Royal Stetson again.