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Discussion in 'WWII' started by kiltie, May 31, 2010.

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    ...and Pacific Combat Zone. These are both within walking distance of the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg,Tx ( about an hour's drive out of San Antonio ).

    Saturday was my third visit to the museum, but my first visit to the Pacific Combat Zone. A few times a year, they do a demo and reenactment, and this particular event was staged for Memorial Day.
    Before I put up the pics, a little bit more on the museums and my personal experience. The Museum of the Pacific War just went through a major overhaul, finishing up last December, and this was my first visit since. There are lots of new interactive exibits and ( if you've been before ) the layout has changed considerably. You can now follow a timeline accompanying the exhibits from mid-19th century China up through the surrender of the Japanese. The collection is extensive, to say the least: planes, tanks ( and other vehicles ), artillery, uniforms, personal and squad weapons, documents, personal effects... the list is lengthy.

    The reenactment-
    The Marines:

    World War One issue USMC kit ( and that still in use by the Marines at the outbreak of WWII ) :

    Marines advancing on Japanese position:

    Stewart Tank ( functional ):


    A few of the exhibits in the museum:

    Flying Tiger "Tex" Hill's kit:

    AVG tail art:

    I can't possibly detail the awesomeness of these museums and displays. If you can think of any excuse to go, I highly recommend it. The rest of Fredericksburg itself is a picturesque little town ( peaches, wine, and German food [ and accompanying beer ]; orders of the day ), but the whole day can easily be spent at two or three of the WWII museums: the Nimitz Museum, the Nat'l Museum of the Pacific War, and the Pacific Combat Zone. A $12 ticket gets you admission to all three for 48hrs, so you can do the Bed and Breakfast thing.
    A weekend well spent...
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    I'll be going to San Antonio in Sept. I've got to check these museums out.
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    Agreed! This is an amazing museum complex. And the live battle reenactments should not be missed. :)

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