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Discussion in 'Suits' started by android, Dec 11, 2004.

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    So, I'm needing a Navy Blazer and I want something Golden Age. We've been discussing on the shirt thread and I'm going to order from them again. A blazer is pretty simple, but I'd like opinions on what details would give it a 40's look and maybe some pictures.

    Here's what I've come up with so far:

    General Style: single breasted, 2 button, Notch lapel, patch pockets w/ flaps

    Buttons: I've already taken care of the buttons. I got a set of authentic White Star Lines gold buttons. 2 button front, 4 buttons cuffs (working cuff buttons, of course.)

    Vent: side vent?

  2. Fuente

    Fuente Familiar Face

    There was quite a difference in the styles of the 40's. Prewar - longer jackets, with broader shoulders. What you are describing seems to be more post war when the advent of the natural shoulder era began. Two or three button blazer, upper breast welt pocket (sometimes an open patch pocket at the breast), two lower patch and flap pockets, 3/16's" edge stitch, center 'hook' vent. Side vents were more common on a tweed coat rather than a blazer of a smooth face fabric. JMHO


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