Navy Blue Schott “Perfecto Brand” cowhide trucker (P560) XXL fits 46-48

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    Sold A Schott Perfecto Brand cowhide trucker (P560) in navy blue. Pebbled supple soft cowhide. It feels already broken in when new. It’s a 26" garment washed, lightweight, super soft, natural pebbled leather cowhide trucker jacket in Navy Blue. (The color is closer to the flash pictures but the lining is closer the the no flash pictures.) Since the jacket is washed it feels like an old friend, it’s really soft, the moment you put it on. Featuring a 19th century F1B1D45B-A031-4621-B903-0DD41CAC6011.jpeg 6F29B6D4-2D2A-4FF8-A3BF-3B23BD3CDD44.jpeg 07A0CDF1-FB47-4795-9B2F-C891B6B51A09.jpeg BA978723-BD6F-48AF-A9C3-11140050AD57.jpeg 34BCBF53-47ED-4EF5-9A1B-DE5771E2E50F.jpeg EC94610F-69C1-4BB8-B6E8-FBD19CCCA005.jpeg 0DCFE641-CBBB-4585-9CF4-991B9FE740DE.jpeg 962A6502-C48C-4219-837E-E409FFD4DB1F.jpeg F1A86539-06CB-4FA4-8834-5C14E140802D.jpeg 02E0A431-63B3-4B1C-84F9-9C65B23F0850.jpeg navy colored 100% cotton bandanna print lining with Concho buttons. Made in the USA. I Bought it - but It's sat in the closet, except for trying it on. Love the jacket, but it just doesn't fit me cause I wear a 50-52 XXL so I’m still looking. $250 PPF&F includes USA shipping by priority mail Others same plus actual shipping. Jacket was $900 retail . Please contact me with any questions

    Perfecto Brand navy blue trucker p560 XXL fits like 46-48 or XL


    Pit to Pit 24 in

    Bottom hem 23 in

    Sleeve 27.5 straight

    across shoulder 19

    Back length 26.5
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    That jacket is sweet. GLWS.
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    Sold! Thanks for playing .
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    Sometimes ya gotta be quick.
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