Needing information on a Brill Bros. G1 from 1968

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Hammer91, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Hammer91

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    Hello fellow enthusiats,

    I'm fairly new to the game of collecting G1's. I have an Excelled G1 from 2007 and got a chance to acquire a Brill Bros G1 from 1968 (at least according to the tag) in a very good condition. It is supposed to be a D-series. After searching through the forum all I could find was, that the D-series jackets should be goat. But looking at the jacket and comparing to me Excelled G1 from 2007 it seems to be made out of cowhide with pressed goat texture because the two jackets are so similar in texture. Also it lookings nothing like the goat I have seen on goatskin G1s from the same or other manufacturers.

    Also it squeaks quite badly and loudly. Will conditioning the leather help with that problem?

    I was hoping one of the more experienced collectors among you could give me their point of view on the matter. Thank you in advance.

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  2. El Marro

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    Congratulations, that G-1 is in remarkable condition for its age! Particularly the knit sleeves and waistband look brand new.
    Cowhide was not used on the D-series G-1s, as you stated, so your jacket should be goat. I have not owned a Brill Brothers jacket but I can say that the Star Sportswear jackets that I have owned from the same vintage (1969 D series and 1972 E series) were made from a particularly uninspiring batch of goatskin. My jackets look almost identical to the photos you have posted of your Brill Brothers. To get the really nice goatskin you must find something from earlier, late 50s to early 60s if possible.
    As far as the squeakiness, I recommend a light coat of Pecards. That should stop the squeaking for awhile.
  3. Hammer91

    Hammer91 New in Town

    Thank you for the feedback in input. It looks and wears very nicely but has a few minor spots here and there but for the age it is still remarkable. I don't think it was worn too often before. I don't mind the look, was just confused which leather it would be. Luckily it is not quite as heavy as my Excelled.
    I will give Pecards a try.
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