New horsehide 30s halfbelt 38? $US 270

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    New horsehide 30s halfbelt 38? $US 270

    My sister bought me two jackets back from her trip to China.
    One fits great and I am keeping, this one fits me too but I don't like the length, I don't like longer jackets.

    All I can say about the jacket is what my sister was told, they are made in China for the Japanese market.
    There is no point asking me anything else about the jacket as I do not know. If I had of bought the jacket I would have got more information, my sister is a normal person not a deranged jacket addict like us.
    Any other questions or if you want more pics no problem.

    I have not handled many new horsehide jackets as most of mine are vintage, I would say it roughly mid weight, pretty close to my buzz ricksons A2.

    This a nice jacket not cheap looking at all.
    I am a size 38 and 5 6" the jacket fits me fine though for me at the arms where a bit long but I am short.
    If I was keeping it I would have taken the arms up, it would have been a keeper for sure if not for the jacket length.

    Postage will be what the post office charges, I never add anything on like some do.
    Regular parcel post with tracking to the
    US is $US 46
    UK is $US 48.71
    Plus the cost of buying a box at the post office which will not be a lot.
    I will send it anyway you want with signature or insurance but it will be extra.
    And the VAT man can kiss my khyber pass, parcel to UK or anywhere else that requires it will marked as a gift.
    Payment by PayPal please, as a gift and payment in Australian dollars .

    Measurements will be very close but please allow for a small margin of error,
    Shoulders 17 1/2"
    Chest 20"
    Back length from collar seam 24"
    Front length from the collar seam is 26"

    The flash is changing the jacket colour this one is very close to the actual colour.






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