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New jacket! The Real McCoy A-1


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Stoked to have received my Real McCoy A1 today!
I have been contemplating an A1 or A2 flight jacket for some time. Couldn’t decide which brand or style I really wanted, or custom, or off the shelf...
Well an experience I recently had with a custom manufacturer pushed me in the direction of going for off the shelf rather than custom (a long story but let’s stay on topic rather than go into that)
After researching my options it seemed TRM had a reputation for being about as good as you can get. IF you can find one in your size and IF you don’t mind paying for the privilege. (the A2 runs about $2100 the A1 closer to $2600, plus taxes, etc..)
I recently took a trip where I was able to visit a store that stocked the A2, and I’m glad I did. Being a Japanese brand, the jackets run small and they have a slimmer fit than the typical flight jacket, but the sleeves are about average for the size...a tricky fit and you have to have the right body type to pull it off. I normally where a size 40, but found in TRM jacket I was a near perfect 42. So again, glad to have been able to try it on before committing to the purchase. However, I wasn’t in love with the style of the A2...it was a difficult decision walking out of the store without that gorgeous jacket, but for the price I wanted to LOVE it, not “like it”
Which brings me to the A1.
Now that I felt more confident in what size I wear in TRM jackets. I started looking at the A1 online...really love the style. I don’t have a button up leather jacket in the collection and thought it would be unique, and not something everyone else is wearing. So I sucked it up and pulled the trigger hoping for the best.
It arrived today and I am blown away. It is such a nice jacket. Everything about it screams style and quality. Now...is this shinki worth more than 2x the cost of another veg tanned leather custom jacket from a different manufacturer? IDK, that’s up to the individual purchaser I guess. What I do know is that I love the look, the fit, the quality, and the feel of it. I do not think my money has been wasted with the purchase. Actually quite the opposite. I’ve spent and lost much more going custom and ending up being disappointed with the fit than buying this off the rack jacket.
And now for some pics!


  • FC745FBD-67C6-406F-99F1-66BEE1CC6AAF.jpeg
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Great jacket and great fit!
The Real McCoys make the best A-1 IMO. I tried one on in a store 5 years ago, and have been on the hunt for a used one ever since.


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Looks great.

I'm kind of with you on the custom experience, I've had two jackets, taken advice from the manufacturer, but neither fit that well. I'd now rather order something I can easily return if the fit isn't quite right (and not have to wait a couple of months either).


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I have not gone the custom route because I know it is not gonna be easy from my experience in bespoke suits. It would be easier now that you have a leather jacket that fits you the way you like. You can just give the measurement of this jacket to custom makers.

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