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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by BloodEagle, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Monitor


    Did DD see the Buco somewhere in passing and made his from memory?
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  2. ton312


    Were the originals this long? I thought they were 24” back length? I’ve seen very few m/c jackets of the era in question exceed 24” back. Many are considerably shorter and most around 22”. What’s the length on this one? All the details look right for an original but I can’t recall seeing any original Buco or vintage M/C jacket from any maker quite this long in the body or sleeve. Especially given the OP’s height. That’s what sticks out most to me. I could certainly be wrong...but I don’t remember these in tall sizes either.
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  3. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo One Too Many

    Nantes (FR)
    Hello friends, the jacket we’re talking about is an original, no doubt.
    Congrats for a great find at a decent price (for a Buco in such a good condition)
    I own (and have owned) a number of these jackets original and repros including RMC.
    And I’ve also collected and studied pictures of Buco models.
    A RMC will have a label sewn inside the chest pocket indicating « by the real Mccoys »
    The leather. Used is a shinki HH, tea core and very stiff.
    The seams are impeccable ( which is no the case on the original above- look at the d pocket sewing)
    About the French seams: early bucos had those feature (I had once a J21 with French seams all over)

    regarding our friends jacket, abrasion on the hardware do t lie, sloppy seams at some places also, the hide seems black pigment all way through, the collar shape doesn’t seem so symmetrical ...
    also the lining is 100% wool (I have original Bucos with the same lining)
    So maybe an archive piece from RMC, who knows, but definitely original.

    ps: last picture is a LW j23

    RMC’s J24 B8A63929-B539-4274-922A-230C70177E90.jpeg 37233476-88E5-4FE0-B1BE-D5D2F82932EC.jpeg
    my original J23 85C7C3A2-F844-4EE9-8002-1107766806DD.jpeg 619DA059-BBCD-43CD-B0BA-9420F0151275.jpeg

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  4. lina

    lina Practically Family

    Washington DC
    It’s real, and it’s spectacular.
  5. Superfluous

    Superfluous My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Missing in action
    And its settled -- the Real Deal!

    Gorgeous vintage Buco at a fantastic price. A tremendous score!

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  6. BloodEagle

    BloodEagle One of the Regulars

    Thank you to everyone who's been happy to share their knowledge on these jackets - I've certainly learnt a lot. To round things up here's a couple of glamour shots I took while the sun was out. Have a good day all and thanks again IMG_20200502_085200.jpg IMG_20200502_085817(1).jpg
  7. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    Looks fantastic!
    Now, put a pool noodle on that hanger.
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  8. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo One Too Many

    Nantes (FR)
    Just as a final word, and regarding questions that I've been asked by fellow member by DM:

    The RMC has « DOT » snaps, originals had United Carr.
    My J23 has 2 hands warmer pockets on back.
    Only the J21 had 1 map pocket.

    Buco's advertising
    in a 1951 and 1952 catalogues they make the distinction between J22: wool lining and J23: quilted lining, both offered at 24"lengh

    I think that no one will ever know precisely the small differences between transitionnal models: 1st tag (white), 2nd tag (brown green writting), 3rd tag (navy blue, gold writting), also multicolor wool lining (some J21/22), Red and Black houndstooth wool lining (J22, J31, J30,...), Checked Plaid lining (j22/23/24/31), and then Rounded passants/epaulets on early models J21/22/30/31..., French seams on early models.
    The only option would be time traveling!

    Buco catalogue 1951:

    Buco catalogue 1952:

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  9. Mysteryo

    Mysteryo One Too Many

    Nantes (FR)
    I edite the previous post, because I misread the add and got confused. Sorry for that.
  10. Robbie79

    Robbie79 One Too Many

    What a fantastic find and deal! Looks beautiful and almost RMC J24 doesn't look better comparing it with your pictures you posted today.
  11. Guppy

    Guppy My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Cleveland, OH
    Agreed. It's an absolute keeper, regardless. If it was a repro I'd almost hold it in higher esteem because the repros are so much better made than the originals. If it's original, it's in amazing condition. Either way, a major score.
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  12. tmitchell59

    tmitchell59 I'll Lock Up

    Thanks for the great information on the Buco products!
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  13. Bfd70

    Bfd70 Call Me a Cab

    Now if we could only find one for $36
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  14. jonbuilder

    jonbuilder Call Me a Cab

    Redwood City, CA
    I have an original J-24 two-hand warmer pocket and a red and black plaid wool liner. I purchased about 13 years ago and it was in a similar condition to the OP's jacket. It came with a golden brown fur collar which I lost during a move. :( Mine is size 46 and consistent in fit to other original size 46 Buco jackets I own. The early horsehide Buco jackets I own are much heavier than the 60s steer hide J-100 jackets I owned.
    Far I know Buco did not produce custom jackets as Cal Leathers did, But i see no reason they would produce a jacket with french seams by special request or maybe
    I paid $1,200 for mine with a snip bid on eBay with trigger the reserve. The next bid under me for $1,000.
    $1,200 was more at the time than the OP's jacket
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  15. Flying Monkey

    Flying Monkey New in Town

    If the jacket brings you happiness, keep it, wear it, enjoy it. By all means, discuss it's merits, it's flaws, it's history, but in the's real value to you is to bring you joy.
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