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New Short Hair....

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Helena Grace, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Helena Grace

    Helena Grace New in Town

    I recently got my hair cut. It was supposed to be a long (about twelve inches at least....) middy, but my hairstylist/sibling endd up hacking it off to what became seven inches after I evened it out a bit to make a middy-ish cut. One? I hate short hair. While it should be much easier to replicate vintage settings. My hair is NOT cooperating.
    It sticks out and no longer curls under and falls out after an hour while before when my hair was very long it would last ten days. I am never letting them near my hair again with scissors.

    Two questions: is there any available good setting pattern for Katherine Hepburn's hair? And are there there any tips for making my hair curl right again?

    Thank you for any answers.
  2. Melissa Mixon

    Melissa Mixon New in Town

    Having short hair are not that bad. In fact, for vintage setting short hair look the best. If your hair is not co-operating try out good rollers. You can get them online. And it is not that important to draw the whole of your attention on hair to get a vintage style. My friend, she had bob hair cut. She ordered good rollers, vintage sunglasses like vintage metal outline cat eye sunglasses why not check here and a lovely vintage tie-waist slimming dress and winfield for my birthday vintage theme party. Trust me she looked really awesome and quite adorable. And if rollers are not working try some home remedies for setting patterns for Katherine Hepburn's hair.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016

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