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New Suit, But What Color?

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Zachary, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Zachary

    Zachary One of the Regulars

    Vienna, Austria
    Dear Fellow Gentlemen,

    My father is turning 70 this year. I would like to surprise him with a new suit. The question is: Which color should it be?

    The core of the problem is that no system for matching hair- and suit color really works.

    My father has almost no hair left, since he has a bald patch. The little hair remaining is almost completely gray. The prevailing color is a pinkish-olivine skin tone, and the eyes do have an absolutely ambiguous color: greyish-greenish-dirty blue.

    His birthday is in late September, and he'll be in need for the suit mostly for Sundays. Which leads to the conclusion that it should be a dark suit. (He already owns one in light camelish-grey (do they say so?).) But what kind of? Dark grey or dark blue? Or medium blue? Straight, with twill, or herringbone, or Prince of Wales check, or pinstripe?

    Any help regarding this problem will be hugely appreciated!

    Dapper greetings
  2. Fastuni

    Fastuni Call Me a Cab

    Dark blue (but not too dark to be mistaken for black) with a fine pinstripe (not too densely striped but with ca. 2 cm distance) is my recommendation.

    It is sombre and festive enough for Sunday or other serious occasions, but still more playful than black or charcoal.

    As a frequent suit-wearer I most often go to my dark blue pinstripes. Blue also looks good with silvery hair.

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