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Nightmare Alley (2021) David Starthairn's Character's Leather Jacket


One Too Many
File this under "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?"

I had seen the 2021 version of Nightmare Alley last year when it came out. However, upon re-watching it last night, I see a really cool jacket worn by the Character Pete played by David Starthairn. Most of the costumes are pretty well done in this movie and appear period correct on the surface. This particular jacket though is a cool looking vintage (or vintage style) jacket and with buttoned cuffs. I cannot tell if its an original vintage piece or not. I found myself watching THE JACKET more than the movie. My gut tells me its likely a reproduction.

EIther way, does anyone have any info on this jacket??? The best screen shot I could find online is below. It has a single vertical looking chest pocket and rounded piping down the front on each side. I recall it having a cool back too. Its not a Car Coat.

Just thought I would share it because I can't find much mention of it and I found myself literally rewinding and pausing so many times it hijacked the movie!!

Wish I could....looks like a campus jacket but the cuffs and the vertical chest pocket are not like anything I've seen from them.


One Too Many
I watched the movie some again last night. One of the difficulties in IDing is the lack of screen time for the character and his jacket. Not to spoil —- but the character is only in the first third of the movie and wears the jacket in only a couple scenes.

I did catch more of the details. It’s a short looking Half Belt with a Sunburst Back. And it’s got something interesting going with the front hand Warner pocket areas.

On one hand— the jacket has a lotta vintage bells and whistles. To find a true vintage piece with all this jacket has would almost be a Hollywood Fairy Tale. Which makes me think it’s a custom or reproduction jacket. It’s just too good to be true sorta.

On the other hand, the way the collar awesomely flares and the way the back lower portion is sorta naturally bunched up (making the jacket seem even shorter) are both aspects that I only see with true vintage jackets. I don’t see it in Aeros for example (Maybe because they don’t get worn as hard). It comes from sitting with the jacket on. Sometimes the rear bottom hem will be stiffly bent inside out at or near the seam almost exposing the liner on the underside due to the wearer sitting and the jacket being crumpled against the seat.

It’s a tough call to say if it’s true vintage much less to ID it. If anyone can it’ll be someone here. It reminds me of some of the really cool jackets owned by one or two of our European loungers that I have seen. I can’t place who they are tho.

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