Officers' pink shirt options?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by GregGale, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. GregGale

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    I'm looking at buying an officer's pink shirt. What are my options?

    Eastmans look great, but I'm afraid they ran out of stock
    SoF has them, but the pockets are not arched
    WPG has them but looks a bit too dark and not as good a SoF
    Spearhead militaria also has them but they have dark buttons which is a no-no.

    What do you recommend? Also, are they exactly the same color as the officers' pink trousers? On this picture they look lighter, therefore they can be worn together:

  2. B-24J

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    I am not sure about WPG and SoF, but here are some pics of "Pinks".




    The Eastman trousers are very close to color and fabric of the original WW2. In normal light all three are very close.

    The Eastman "pink" shirt tends to the green side as does their "chocolate" version.

    The WPG and SoF shirts look very much alike - at least they do on their websites.

    But remember, like everything else manufactured, there were variances in shades on all items produced during the war.
  3. GregGale

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    Thank you! In the meatime I ordered an Eastman shirt from ebay and it's a perfect fit and great quality. I'm very happy with it.
  4. Steve27752

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    You could get the Spearhead and change the buttons.
  5. Edward Reed

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    Aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress
    not all USAAF crew wore the "Rangoon" style pinks and greens shirt. many wore the standard issue army shirts with the typical square pockets. if you look at various old photos of Army Air Forces officers and enlisted men they had pinks and greens and OD with the standard shaped pockets. (I too was lucky enough to score an Eastman repro Rangoon pinks officer shirt though!)

    and as stated above, war time production of uniforms from various contracts had varying shades. also it was common for guys to wear the dark chocolate pants with the pinks or greens shirt and a dark or light tie and also change it up with dark shirt, light tie with khaki or pinks pants. they rarely ever wore pinks shirt and pants with pinks tie nor the greens pants with greens shirt and greens tie. they contrasted the attire which made it all look good!

    Officer's Regulation shirts. notice three different styles of pockets.
    ESTpink.jpg WPGpink.jpg

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